Church Has One Login For Many Different Ministry Needs

For years, the staff of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church was stressed having to juggle multiple accounts. Some of […]

by Sonora White Jul 3
Will your Parishioners Return to the Pews?

With the recent pandemic, one might be wondering if people will return to the pews when parishes reopen. On a […]

by Johnny Stoupenos Jun 1
Giving: A Vital Part of Your Parish and Your Community

Giving is essential to your parish’s survival as well as your ability to help your community. Your parish relies on […]

by Carol White May 28
Reopening Our Parish Doors

Many dioceses are making plans on how to reopen their parish doors now that states are loosening restrictions on public […]

by Carol White May 12
Implementing Online Giving in PDS™ with Abundant

By now, like most parishes, you’ve seen a decrease in your collections due to the restrictions in place from the […]

by Leigh Ann Shelley May 8
Catholic Entities Benefiting from CARES Bill

20% of Catholic Entities that Applied Benefited from COVID-19 Relief Bill. Most churches are struggling due to the decrease in […]

by Carol White May 6
Exporting Your Contacts from PDS™ to Constant Contact® 

  Communicating via email with your parishioners is even more important now than in the past. For many parishes, this […]

by Leigh Ann Shelley Apr 29
Giving and Your Parish In the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

If we look back over time, when a disaster occurs, people want to help so it isn’t unusual to see […]

by Johnny Stoupenos Apr 15
COVID-19: 5 Step Giving Action Plan For Your Parish

We have been scrambling these last few weeks trying to adapt to the new ‘normal’ but now is the time […]

by Oscar Arras Apr 14
Creating a Catholic Giving Campaign During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I heard about a giving campaign launched in the Archdiocese of Boston called “90 Days Now – For Your Parish.” […]

by Paul Goldsworthy Apr 9
A Catholic Prayer from Pope Francis During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Pope Francis’ prayer for protection from the coronavirus   O Mary, you shine continuously on our journey as a sign […]

by Oscar Arras Apr 3
Celebrating Holy Week During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dioceses around the country are faced with state and local government mandates because of the COVID-19 pandemic that are resulting […]

by Oscar Arras Apr 1