Escaping the Fatal Flaw of Pastoral Ministry

Let’s face it: Pastors make a lot of mistakes. From forgetting people’s names to saying the wrong thing to someone […]

by Brian Ellerbach Jan 14
Technology Developments to Embrace to Shape 2021 For Your Church

We are nearing the start of 2021. For most churches, it will truly be the beginning of the “new normal.” […]

by Brian Ellerbach Jan 7
Creating New Ways To Connect In 2021

As numbers of positive COVID-19 cases increase in many parts of the country, more people are deciding to worship at […]

by Brian Ellerbach Dec 28
Drive-Thru: Ministering in New Ways in 2020

Many parts of the United States continue to face high numbers of COVID cases and even rising hospitalizations. This means […]

by Brian Ellerbach Nov 20
What if No One Liked Me?

A few years ago, the internet was swirling with rumors that one of everyone’s favorite social media platforms was going […]

by Brian Ellerbach Oct 23
Erase Your Worry in 5 Easy Steps!

You can see it all over social media.  You hear it in almost every conversation.  Even our children are reflecting […]

by Brian Ellerbach Oct 15
Top Five Ways You Destroy Your Relationships Without Knowing

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people all over the world to spend more time together than ever before. Married couples […]

by Brian Ellerbach Oct 7
Virtual Game Night Ideas for Your Small Group

Social connection is so important right now. While some are getting back to meeting up with friends and family, others […]

by Brian Ellerbach Sep 19
Back-To-School Tips for Surviving the New Normal

Many of us thought that once September rolled around we would have more certainty regarding the state of the nation […]

by Brian Ellerbach Sep 3
Creating Space for Multicultural Ministry

Let’s take a voyage into the concept of space and explore this biblical, statistically stringent yet relevant topic of the […]

by Brian Ellerbach Aug 24
Using Zoom Breakout Rooms In Your Church

Released recently, Zoom Breakout Rooms are a great new feature to help you and your church have bible studies or […]

by Brian Ellerbach Aug 12
How To Make Bible Reading a Priority During a Pandemic

I’m confident we are all feeling the effects of COVID-19, but also the effects of the hatred and violence going […]

by Brian Ellerbach Jul 10