Set Goals for this Year?

Some of us procrastinate making new year’s resolutions or goals, but it’s not too late to set some goals for […]

by Drake Hoffman Jan 18
7 Daily Choices For The New Year

January is the time we set new goals for the year. For many of us though, 2020 held so much […]

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Checking In With Others During COVID

Some of the people most strongly impacted by the isolation that the pandemic has caused are our senior citizens. They […]

by Drake Hoffman Dec 21
What Did You Expect? Setting expectations for Christmas with family

Christmas can be a magical time. The decorations, the birth of Jesus, the gifts and wide eyes of children everywhere. […]

by Drake Hoffman Dec 18
Make This Christmas Great!

Ask many people what word they anticipate using to describe this Christmas and “Great” is likely not one of them. […]

by Drake Hoffman Dec 14
Building a Functional Website

Today, everyone is on the internet. It’s more important than ever to have a website for your church. People want […]

by Drake Hoffman Dec 9
Coming Together to Bless Others

People are tired of being apart, but they still feel the necessity to be cautious and wise about coming together. […]

by Drake Hoffman Nov 18
Thank You, Church Administrator!

There are many roles within the church walls that are overworked and underappreciated, and one of those is the church […]

by Drake Hoffman Sep 30
5 Tips to Holding Plans Loosely

Remove Your Vice-Grip! Americans have an addiction to certainty. We love to plan, and we love to have backup plans. […]

by Drake Hoffman Sep 8
The Christian Posture Towards Division in the Church

If you believe what many news sources would tell you these days, we are a divided nation. And not just […]

by Drake Hoffman Aug 17
Creative Ways to Support Parents With Schools Reopening

While the students in our congregations have enjoyed a good LONG break from school, most are anxious to return back. […]

by Drake Hoffman Aug 3
35 Fun Activities Your Church Can Do This Summer

Summertime is a great time to try some new things with your church family. People have time off from work […]

by Drake Hoffman Jul 15