Leaning In During Challenging Times

The non-profit organization I work for does excellent work in hard areas of the world.  We have excellent leadership who […]

by Jennifer Byrd Nov 27
Becoming a Champion for any Cause

I remember the first time I was truly invested in a cause.  I was 14 years old, and I was […]

by Jennifer Byrd Nov 19
Seasons and the Power of Gratitude

Recently the city and community where I live experienced a tragedy, that had ripple effects and impacted many, if not […]

by Jennifer Byrd Nov 1
How to Survive the Foods of the World

I love food.  I love to cook food; I love to buy food; I love to eat food.  I love […]

by Jennifer Byrd Oct 18
Gifts Leaders Have to Give: Belief and Encouragement

While there are many gifts leaders can give to those they lead, we round out our list with two more […]

by Jennifer Byrd Sep 27
Finding Sabbath Rest on Overseas Assignments

Sabbath rest is a crucial part of anyone’s overall spiritual development and holistic wellness.  As church leaders, we spend a […]

by Jennifer Byrd Sep 4
Building Your Ministry Team: Empowerment

What is it exactly that influences the empowerment team members feel? Is it their successes and accomplishments? Is it the […]

by Jennifer Byrd Aug 22
Building Your Ministry Team: Mentoring

We had been living and serving overseas for just over five years, leading and mentoring other volunteers who came to […]

by Jennifer Byrd Aug 10
Gifts Leaders Have to Give: Time, Attention, and Respect

A good leader is powerful.  That word “powerful” can be misleading, though, and is often misunderstood.  When used properly, the […]

by Jennifer Byrd Aug 2
Keys to Success in Cross-Cultural Work – Flexibility

Entering a cross-cultural setting for life, work, and ministry is never easy.  Whether the new culture is overseas or right […]

by Jennifer Byrd Jul 25
Keys to Success in Cross-Cultural Work – Expectations

Crucial to any cross-cultural experience is the task of managing expectations. We all expect something: for ourselves, for others and […]

by Jennifer Byrd Jul 19
Time Management for Church Leaders – Delegate

As we have explored all the time requirements placed on church leaders through this blog series, it is obvious that […]

by Jennifer Byrd Jul 11