Realm Custom Queries

Did you know that—in mere seconds—you can locate everybody in your church who shares the same marital status, denominational background, […]

by Mark Thompson Apr 12
Moving Your Church to the Cloud

What is the Cloud, and Why Make the Change? Cloud computing is when you store your records on computers that […]

by Mark Thompson Jan 13
Ideas to Help you Successfully Roll out Realm

Church is about what’s familiar: old friends, ancient traditions. It’s why so many of us love getting together. But, when […]

by Mark Thompson May 19
Reports: Realm’s Most Amazing Tool

Why Learn Reports? I don’t have the stats to prove it readily available, but I know that when our Realm […]

by Mark Thompson Jul 20
Realm Pathways: Use Automation to Keep your Ministry on Track

I thought I’d take my blog post as a chance to remind Realm users about a sometimes-forgotten feature: Pathways. At […]

by Mark Thompson Apr 22
Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 4

Part Four: The Cloud and Involvement I know a church elder whose impressions of social media were forever ruined when his […]

by Mark Thompson Jun 13
Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 3

Part Three: The Cloud and Mobility Do you want a 24/7 church? That’s not a rhetorical question; it’s a stewardship […]

by Mark Thompson Jun 12
Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 2

Part Two: The Cloud and Security This is both a concern and an advantage with cloud computing. Read on, and […]

by Mark Thompson Jun 11
Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 1

Part One: Where the “Revolution” Stands Today There’s a lot of hope in cloud technology. And there’s just as much hype, […]

by Mark Thompson Jun 10
Windows XP Users: Time is Running Out

If you use Windows® XP, you have to make some decisions over the next month. Microsoft® is putting XP out […]

by Mark Thompson Mar 12
Wake up Your Back Pew–for Free!

Please read the following true, but dull, statistics: 65% of people are visual learners. 35% of people are non-visual learners. […]

by Mark Thompson Dec 10