Being Intentional With Our Summer Calendars

Summer brings an interruption to our regular schedules. It means a pause in many of our daily routines and an […]

by Meredith Morris Jul 10
Training Our Eyes to Find God’s Treasure

When my family and I go to the ocean, I’m the one walking up and down the beach and in […]

by Meredith Morris Jul 2
3 Truths to Help Fathers Use Their Influence

As Father’s Day approaches, our thoughts turn toward the tremendous privilege and responsibility of fatherhood. God speaks many times to […]

by Meredith Morris Jun 7
Going Above and Beyond!

Average.  Normal.  Common.  Usual.   Those words don’t usually describe someone who goes above and beyond. In and of themselves, these […]

by Meredith Morris May 18
4 Ways to Finish the School Year Well

Spring has sprung, and with our calendar now reading May, most school districts only have a few weeks left! Spring […]

by Meredith Morris May 1
4 Early Steps to VBS Success

Spring is upon us, and summer is right around the corner. This brings the anticipation of sunshine, beach excursions, and […]

by Meredith Morris Apr 4
Celebrating St. Patrick

Today, is St Patrick’s Day, and many will strategically wear the color green or jokingly get pinched. And, while this […]

by Meredith Morris Mar 17
Principles of Church Growth: Research

When trying to promote and experience growth of the local church, whether in numbers or in depth of spiritual walk, […]

by Meredith Morris Mar 5
#MeToo: 4 Ways Your Church Can Support the Hurting

Every day, the media is full of new reports of men in leadership roles being accused of sexual misconduct and […]

by Meredith Morris Feb 5
Short-Term Missions: Part III – Benefits of the Sending Church

In Part III of our four-part series on short-term missions, we look at the benefits for the Global North sending […]

by Meredith Morris Jan 26
Becoming Globally Minded: Commit, Learn, and Do

As church leaders, it is our duty and responsibility to lead our congregations in the ways in which God has […]

by Meredith Morris Dec 27
Jenn – Director of Ministry Process

Meet Jenn. Jenn is the Director of Ministry Process at The Bible Chapel in McMurray, PA. She works behind-the-scenes to […]

by Meredith Morris Dec 20