Read my Lips…or Not

The COVID-19 pandemic changed almost everything about our lives last year. Many of us spent several months at home, isolated […]

by Trey McDonald Jan 13
Four Predictions for Church Growth in 2021

For many of us, this year has reminded (or taught) us that what actually happens can be far from any […]

by Trey McDonald Dec 30
Small Events With Big Impact: Christmas Gatherings

Christmas is almost upon us and many churches are still looking for creative ways to help their members celebrate the […]

by Trey McDonald Dec 16
Planning Events: The Importance of Connection

We’re all facing daily decisions that we’ve never faced before. We weigh out each social interaction and try to develop […]

by Trey McDonald Nov 19
Steps for Growing as a Disciple

God calls each and every one of us to be disciples. But what exactly does that entail? It means we […]

by Trey McDonald Oct 22
You’re Back to Mass, Then Someone Becomes Ill – Then What?

After months of social distancing and watching cases fall and rise repeatedly, you finally open your parish doors. Extensive efforts […]

by Trey McDonald Oct 9
Thank you, Pastor!

Fall is upon us, and now everything pumpkin is showing up on the shelves of our stores. It also means […]

by Trey McDonald Sep 30
Our Early 2020 Holiday Preparation Guide

It’s September! The autumn leaves are just starting to turn their brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. People are headed […]

by Trey McDonald Sep 11
Has Anxiety Driven You Over the Edge?

Anxiety is on the rise with no help from the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 election, or the ongoing racial injustice […]

by Trey McDonald Sep 1
Re-imagining Your Church’s Typical Fall Events

It’s that time of the year at your church or parish when you’re ready to start planning your fall events. […]

by Trey McDonald Aug 28
7 Ways Your Church Can Serve Your Community During COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted every area of our lives. We are in uncharted territory. None of our church leaders have navigated […]

by Trey McDonald Apr 21
Uniting The Body Through Service

Community is essential in the life of a Christ-follower, and it’s created in a body of believers through service. When […]

by Trey McDonald Nov 11