Article Review: “Screens are Changing the Way We Read Scripture”

Originally appeared in “Christianity Today” In her comprehensive article on digital media and “post-literate” Bible reading, Karen Swallow Prior urges […]

by Dean Lisenby Nov 12
Uniting The Body Through Service

Community is essential in the life of a Christ-follower, and it’s created in a body of believers through service. When […]

by Trey McDonald Nov 11
Who Gets Your Yes: Finding Balance in Leadership

One of the greatest challenges we face as leaders is finding balance. At times it feels impossible splitting our time […]

by Scott Arvay Nov 7
5 Reasons Realm Pathways is Life-Changing for Your Staff

Do you ever find yourself bogged down with so many tasks that you are often forgetting that the biggest task […]

by Nolan Martin Nov 6
#GivingTuesday: Practicing Generosity

Beginning weeks before Black Friday, we are inundated with advertising encouraging us as consumers to spend money. The amount of […]

by Sally Carringer Nov 4
8 Creative Ways to Bless your Community this Holiday Season

November and December mark a time of holiday preparations and incredible busyness for most of us. Yet it’s also supposed […]

by Mark Burkhart Oct 25
4 Ways to Choose Gratitude Even When You Don’t Feel Grateful

November brings cooler temperatures, yards filled with piles of fallen leaves and people compiling lists of things for which they […]

by Scott Arvay Oct 15
Where Do I Fit: Finding Your Place in Ministry

We see it in churches of all sizes, in all denominations, all across the nation. A small part of the […]

by Bobby Person Oct 11
Fighting the Cliques in Your Church

As much as you hate to admit it, you’ve seen it happen in the very halls of your own church: […]

by Trey McDonald Oct 10
Surviving Transition: 3 Steps You Can Take to Thrive in Times of Change

When transition happens in a church, we see the best and worst come out in people. We can’t avoid transition […]

by Scott Arvay Oct 8
Safe and Sound: A Primer for Implementing a Church Security System

Reality check? We live in a dangerous world. Even our churches are not immune to this reality. In fact, there […]

by John Webster Sep 26
Your Pastor is Not a Superhero: 5 Ways to Appreciate What He Does

In a culture where it’s acceptable—even expected—to put those in the public eye on pedestals, it’s no wonder that we […]

by Thomas Brown Sep 25