People Learn to Love, Live, and Lead Through Spring Hills University

Adult learners fill the building and flow into off-campus locations for Spring Hills Baptist Church’s latest selection of educational opportunities. […]

by Kathy Howell Mar 15
Only a Disciple Can Make Disciples: 3 Keys to Encouraging Discipleship

Discipleship is an integral part of the spiritual growth and development of a believer. Once an individual comes to the […]

by John Gilman Mar 12
4 Ways to Support Those in Times of Transition

Every one of us experiences times of change.  Few people like and embrace change.  In fact, most of us, including […]

by Rachel Ankers Mar 8
Principles of Church Growth: Research

When trying to promote and experience growth of the local church, whether in numbers or in depth of spiritual walk, […]

by Meredith Morris Mar 5
Principles of Church Growth: Clarifying Vision and Mission

Clarity is something people crave.  Few people are satisfied with ambiguity or fuzziness in different areas of life.  Take our […]

by Jennifer Byrd Mar 2
Principles of Church Growth: Creating Ownership

Creating growth in the local church is not only the responsibility church leaders have.  While the leaders are often the […]

by Jennifer Byrd Feb 27
10 New Ways to Observe an Old Tradition

“What are you giving up for Lent?” I dread hearing that question. Every year as so many disciplined and faithful […]

by Rachel Ankers Feb 22
Marked By Love: We Love Because He First Loved Us

February is all about the love. We focus on our affection for others and ways to show it. It’s the […]

by John Gilman Feb 21
Principles of Church Growth: Setting Goals

Setting goals is an important part of being successful.  Very seldom does success come randomly or by accident.  Success very […]

by Jennifer Byrd Feb 19
A Very Special Season: Four Things to Focus on During Lent

Although it seems that the new year just started, we have already entered into the run up to Easter, perhaps […]

by Rachel Ankers Feb 17
Principles of Church Growth: Commitment to Prayer

Church leaders everywhere are called by God through the Scriptures to build and expand the church, making disciples in every […]

by Rachel Ankers Feb 16
9 Ways to Engage with Your Supported Missionaries

In recent years there has been a shift in how churches support and engage with missionaries. Gone are the days […]

by John Gilman Feb 13