Pastoring Well When People Are a Challenge

In many cases, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the best in people. People are giving sacrificially, they are banding […]

by Scott Arvay Aug 18
The Christian Posture Towards Division in the Church

If you believe what many news sources would tell you these days, we are a divided nation. And not just […]

by Drake Hoffman Aug 17
4 Ways to Connect Students in Your Church

With the coronavirus still widespread, schools around the country are welcoming students back in a myriad of ways including in-person, […]

by Sonora White Aug 15
Caring for Your Parishioners When Returning to Church

With the restrictions being lifted, parishioners will be returning to Mass and your parish. The building will still be the […]

by Oscar Arras Aug 13
Using Zoom Breakout Rooms In Your Church

Released recently, Zoom Breakout Rooms are a great new feature to help you and your church have bible studies or […]

by Brian Ellerbach Aug 12
A Revolution in Christian Education

The Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Bandy is an internationally recognized author, consultant, and leadership coach for churches and Christian organizations […]

by Tom Bandy Aug 12
Moving Your Ministry Forward With Data

Is your church struggling to make decisions given all the uncertainty of the times? Can you afford to move forward […]

by Tim Heustess Aug 11
Team Member Spotlight

This week we are moving to our accounting department to introduce you to Tressa. She has been a team member […]

by Caitlyn Bullard Aug 11
Are You Willing to Do the Work This Season?

Whether we recognize it or not, we’re living in the midst of a significant time in history. Many things are […]

by Scott Arvay Aug 10
Pain Points Every Church is Feeling Right Now: Weekly Attendance

Paint Point 5: Keeping your weekly attendance up during a pandemic. There’s no doubt that your church services feel lighter. […]

by Ally Stein Aug 7
Easy but Often Missed Ways to Increase eGiving

Online, mobile, and text giving have become necessary for churches to offer over the last few months. Churchgoers that were […]

by Caitlyn Bullard Aug 6
Help! What Can We Do to Grow Your Youth Ministry?

8 Help! What can we do to grow our youth ministry? This is my new blog about using MissionInsite™ for […]

by Tom Bandy Aug 5