Operating Your Church Effectively During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced churches to operate in new ways.  Some churches are scrambling to figure out how to […]

by David Sanderson Apr 24
Thoughtful Projects for the Kids During Quarantine! 

Many of us have had the kids at home for several weeks now. It may be getting a bit overwhelming […]

by Carol White Apr 24
5 Ways to Safeguard Your Devices and Data at Home

The transition from working in your church to working from home has shifted quickly for many of us. In the […]

by Scott Arvay Apr 23
Online Meeting Etiquette: 4 Tips To Have Better Meetings

  Online meetings with remote team members have become as much a part of our daily lives as in-person meetings. […]

by John Gilman Apr 23
Dear Church Staff, Thank You

Dear Church Staff, Thank you for being the heartbeat of the church. You have kept operations running in this uncertain […]

by Caitlyn Bullard Apr 22
Tracking Your Church’s Giving during COVID-19

Working from home during COVID-19 can definitely make things such as reporting and keeping your staff informed a little more […]

by Leigh Ann Shelley Apr 22
COVID-19 Relief Bill and Your Church – UPDATE

At the end of March, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed. This bill allocated $350 […]

by Scott Arvay Apr 22
Pastoral Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  COVID-19 has made nearly every aspect of doing church more difficult.  Not surprisingly, one of the most distressing aspects […]

by David Sanderson Apr 21
7 Ways Your Church Can Serve Your Community During COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted every area of our lives. We are in uncharted territory. None of our church leaders have navigated […]

by Trey McDonald Apr 21
Replacing the Irreplaceable: Keeping Church Community When We Can’t Be in the Same Place

There’s truly nothing that compares to face-to-face conversations. We love to see the look on someone’s face and want to […]

by Scott Arvay Apr 20
3 Tips to Help Implement Online Giving in Your Church During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading throughout the world and is causing churches to rethink how to do church. One important […]

by Caitlyn Bullard Apr 20
Hosting Your Church Service Online

  Just because your congregation can’t meet in person doesn’t mean you have to cancel your Sunday service. By leveraging […]

by Whitney Brown Apr 17