Recurring Giving: The No-Brainer Giving Option for Churches

I like new experiences, and I like to share new experiences with those I care about. So, if I find […]

by Sally Carringer Dec 17
Engaging Younger Children and Their Families

One major key to a growing church is reaching young families.  This is a lot easier said than done.  However, […]

by Scott Arvay Dec 14
Church Not Growing? Check Your Hospitality

Businesses are great at practicing that which we Christians should excel at: hospitality. In the business world, it’s called “customer […]

by Nolan Martin Nov 22
10 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Christmas Service

Now is the time to plan for unforgettable Christmas services. This service is often called the “Superbowl” of the church […]

by Thomas Brown Nov 20
Need More Volunteers? 4 Steps to Find Them and Keep Them

Recruiting and retaining volunteers has to be one of the most difficult aspects of church operations. Every church relies on […]

by Bobby Person Nov 19
Article Review: “Screens are Changing the Way We Read Scripture”

Originally appeared in “Christianity Today” In her comprehensive article on digital media and “post-literate” Bible reading, Karen Swallow Prior urges […]

by Dean Lisenby Nov 12
Uniting The Body Through Service

Community is essential in the life of a Christ-follower, and it’s created in a body of believers through service. When […]

by Trey McDonald Nov 11
Who Gets Your Yes: Finding Balance in Leadership

One of the greatest challenges we face as leaders is finding balance. At times it feels impossible splitting our time […]

by Scott Arvay Nov 7
5 Reasons Realm Pathways is Life-Changing for Your Staff

Do you ever find yourself bogged down with so many tasks that you are often forgetting that the biggest task […]

by Nolan Martin Nov 6
#GivingTuesday: Practicing Generosity

Beginning weeks before Black Friday, we are inundated with advertising encouraging us as consumers to spend money. The amount of […]

by Sally Carringer Nov 4
8 Creative Ways to Bless your Community this Holiday Season

November and December mark a time of holiday preparations and incredible busyness for most of us. Yet it’s also supposed […]

by Mark Burkhart Oct 25
4 Ways to Choose Gratitude Even When You Don’t Feel Grateful

November brings cooler temperatures, yards filled with piles of fallen leaves and people compiling lists of things for which they […]

by Scott Arvay Oct 15