Building Community with Small Groups

I sat in church next to the same couple for 6 years. I knew their names, hugged their necks, and […]

by Meredith Morris Aug 30
Show your Calendar Who’s Boss!

August brings the intensity of summer heat and the return to school schedules and full calendars. I enjoy looking at […]

by Jennifer Byrd Aug 29
Facebook: Meeting People Where They Are

I was eating out with my family. As the kids went to play in the play-place, I decided to try […]

by John Gilman Aug 26
3 Things to Consider Before Posting During the Sermon

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… they can be so encouraging some days when your feed is full of good news, funny […]

by Jennifer Byrd Aug 24
Preparing for a Fall Festival

Fall is a great time of the year to build momentum in your church after a summer of vacations. School […]

by John Gilman Aug 23
A Pastor’s Role in Teaching Biblical Stewardship

We all know pastors are gripped with an extreme fear when it comes to preaching sermons about money. They’re not […]

by John Gilman Aug 19
Activities that will Energize your Congregation

You may wonder how questions about what churchgoers do when they aren’t at church fit into a survey about attitudes […]

by Jan Jasmin Aug 18
Tips for Building your Church’s Facebook Page

Advertising is so important for successful businesses today.  Name recognition and showcasing your services goes a long way in helping […]

by John Gilman Aug 17
Embracing Change in your Ministry

Many people dislike change because change takes work. Some churches use the same ministry programs they’ve used for 40 years […]

by John Gilman Aug 16
School Rhythms to Help your Church

As families prepare to send their students back to school, they are also re-establishing the daily rhythms and traditions of […]

by Meredith Morris Aug 15
Stop Fighting Phone use in Youth Groups

The first cell phone was introduced to the common consumer in the early 1990’s with high cost and bulkiness mainly […]

by John Gilman Aug 12
Social Media Boundaries, Part 1

We live in a world where everyone has an opinion, whether about politics, religion, food or their favorite TV show. […]

by John Gilman Aug 11