5 Ways to Make Sure Your First-Time Visitor Comes Back

Easter is a time for remembering the Cross and celebrating the resurrection through cantatas, special services, children’s Easter egg hunts […]

by Meredith Morris Apr 7
10 Tips to Hosting a Terrific Easter Service

Easter is just around the corner. We want to help you get ready! Check out these 10 tips to prepare […]

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10 Spring Break Ideas for Families

For many families, spring break means traveling and time spent out of town, however, more and more families are opting […]

by John Gilman Mar 31
Online Security for Your Organization

It’s been a couple of years since the online use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets overtook PCs and […]

by Rachel Ankers Mar 22
The Lost Art of Reframing

Lent is meant to be a time for reflection and self-discipline focused on the gift of sacrifice Christ made on […]

by Jennifer Byrd Mar 16
3 Reasons People will Give to your Church

Fact: More people in your church want to give than are currently giving. Fact: Some people are looking for a […]

by John Gilman Mar 8
Inviting Others Into Your Lent

The word Lent usually brings to mind the thought of giving something up or forfeiting something you enjoy for 40 […]

by Meredith Morris Mar 3
The Social Scene: Choosing the Best Social Media Networks for Your Church

Almost every few months, a new social networking website emerges. Long-established social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube […]

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3 Tips to Observing Ash Wednesday and Lent for the First Time

Lent, a traditional period of fasting and reflection begins with Ash Wednesday, a day when ashes were placed on the […]

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Small Groups: Pruning for New Growth

I recently had the opportunity to tour a botanical garden. I enjoyed the beauty of the blooming flowers but also […]

by Meredith Morris Feb 27
7 Steps to Launching A Successful Ministry

Don’t fly a plane before it’s built. Don’t move into a house that’s under construction and don’t launch a ministry […]

by John Gilman Feb 21
A Different Kind of February: Be the Gift

February, the month of love. The shortest month of the year gets mixed reviews from most. Some love all of […]

by Meredith Morris Feb 16