Tips On Planning Your Next Church Event

When you are planning events this year, you have to stretch your imagination to come up with ways to include […]

by Carol White Oct 28
Small Events with Big Impact: Organize Your Event

These days we are all trying to find ways to gather and enjoy each other’s company. For your church this […]

by Leigh Ann Shelley Oct 27
Team Member Spotlight

This week we are introducing you to Scot. He works in our sales department as a Solutions Consultant. Scot has […]

by Caitlyn Bullard Oct 27
Tips on Streaming Your Special Events

Streaming your special events is a great way to help people connect. This year we’ve had to postpone weddings and […]

by Ally Stein Oct 26
5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before You Vote

Election Day 2020 is nearly upon us. The political ads are on TV and the internet. The debates are underway. […]

by Mark Burkhart Oct 26
What if No One Liked Me?

A few years ago, the internet was swirling with rumors that one of everyone’s favorite social media platforms was going […]

by Brian Ellerbach Oct 23
Steps for Growing as a Disciple

God calls each and every one of us to be disciples. But what exactly does that entail? It means we […]

by Trey McDonald Oct 22
Leading In a Crisis

I worry a lot about the “battle-fatigue” experienced today by so many clergy. So much conflict and so little peace, […]

by Tom Bandy Oct 21
Team Member Spotlight

This week we are introducing you to Heather, an Associate Product Manager in our Product Management department. She has been […]

by Caitlyn Bullard Oct 20
Using Technology to Help You Live Intentionally

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all that we must be intentional about the way we live if we want […]

by John Gilman Oct 19
Tips to Fill the Void for College-Town Churches

August marks the beginning of another school year. However, with a pandemic still raging on, many colleges and universities are […]

by Mark Burkhart Oct 16
Erase Your Worry in 5 Easy Steps!

You can see it all over social media.  You hear it in almost every conversation.  Even our children are reflecting […]

by Brian Ellerbach Oct 15