The 10 Most Important Church Resolutions For 2016

The new year is nearly upon us and with it comes the pledge for resolutions. Here are the “The 10 […]

by John Gilman Dec 29
10 Things To Consider In 2016 (And Beyond)

365 days sure does seem to fly by faster and faster each year. Our lives move at such a rapid […]

by Meredith Morris Dec 28
PDS Ledger/Payroll and the Affordable Care Act

Grab something to drink and take a seat, we’re going to talk about taxes. The new Affordable Care Act (ACA) […]

by Kaitlyn Grooms Dec 22
Christmas Matters: Ways to Celebrate And Share

Christmas matters to Christians. It’s the day when Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of our Savior. The […]

by Meredith Morris Dec 21
Cultivating Value in the Culture of More

This is not news: We live in a culture that is obsessed with having more. More, more, more. And then […]

by Darci Shelley Dec 14
Discipling People, Not Just Data Is Key For Ministry

Every day I help churches take a look at how they are managed.  One of the common situations I run […]

by Meredith Morris Dec 12
Three Ways to Automate Your Email Marketing this Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time for you, and your congregation. With so much going on, you may be wondering […]

by John Gilman Dec 11
Christmas CEOs

The joke was in poor taste. A pastor once declared, “I’m happy to announce we have some CEOs here this […]

by Chet Haney Dec 10
Change For Change

Have you ever found yourself feeling an enormous amount of anxiety as you sit in a ministry meeting, hearing your […]

by Kendrea Moorer Dec 8
The Best Time for Ministry Growth is NOW!

The majority of church growth happens between Christmas and Easter. It is during this time frame when more people will […]

by Raina Hanson Dec 5
A Church Security Plan

Churches must be safe and should have a security plan. We know God guards His church and that He is […]

by Meredith Morris Dec 3
An HTML Tweak to Boost Your SEO

Have you ever seen event details and contact information from a website display in your search engine results? With a […]

by Rachel Ankers Dec 2