Joining the Podcasting Renaissance

If you haven’t listened to Serial yet, it might be worth looking into. Since its release in 2014, podcasting is […]

by Rachel Ankers Nov 29
Opening Wide the Window of Gratitude

Recently, I heard a preacher teach how most of us face unwanted circumstances with either Fear or Faith. I’ve walked through […]

by Meredith Morris Nov 24
The Blessing of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means so many different things to everyone.  To the traditionalist, it is remembering the good ole days of going […]

by John Gilman Nov 23
How to talk about Stewardship with your Members

Giving is crucial to the survival and growth of any church today.  This is often not the easiest subject for […]

by Sally Carringer Nov 22
Giving Thanks

2016 has been wild. Things have happened in our country which have divided us and untied us. We’ve seen protests, […]

by Meredith Morris Nov 17
Recruiting Volunteers by Sharing your “Why”

Recruiting volunteers is an ongoing need in growing congregations. As people move or experience a change in life circumstances, they […]

by John Gilman Nov 15
The Power of Multigenerational Small Groups

The way churches do small groups is about as varied as the number of churches that use the small group […]

by Jennifer Byrd Nov 14
Leading the Way by Giving Back

In the current exhausting political climate, most of us are hungry for some sort of encouragement and a reminder of […]

by Meredith Morris Nov 10
What your ChMS Data is Telling You

The single most important resource for a church is the information it has regarding its members, guests and operations. Key […]

by Rachel Ankers Nov 7
ACS Technologies Saints – 2016

As we approach All Saints Sunday, I want to take time to remember the ACS Technologies employees who are no […]

by Marvin Owen Nov 4
Jump-starting your Holiday Giving Season with #GivingTuesday

With the holidays on the horizon, it’s a busy season for churches. Your leadership and staff are planning for Thanksgiving, […]

by Amy Scott-Lundy Nov 3
4 Steps to Growing your Volunteer Ministry

The world won’t be changed by a church service, but a church that serves can change the world. Churches thrive […]

by Jennifer Byrd Nov 1