The Five 3’s of Church Donors

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected churches in many ways. While switching to virtual programming has increased attendance & giving at […]

by Leigh Ann Shelley Aug 4
Team Member Spotlight

This week, we want to introduce you to Nick. He has worked at ACS Technologies®  since 2009. Throughout his career, […]

by Caitlyn Bullard Aug 4
Creative Ways to Support Parents With Schools Reopening

While the students in our congregations have enjoyed a good LONG break from school, most are anxious to return back. […]

by Drake Hoffman Aug 3
4 Ways to Help Navigate Tensions in Your Church

The world seems to be in a season of perpetual uncertainty. We set our hopes on established timelines and realign […]

by Joe Koehling Jul 31
The Enneagram: Pros and Cons of “The Next Best Thing” for Your Church

Personality inventories are helpful tools that allow leaders to categorize people based on their answers to questions concerning their behavior […]

by Scott Arvay Jul 30
What’s the Difference Between “Multi-Site” and “Fresh Expression”?

7 What’s the Difference between “Multi-Site” and “Fresh Expression”? This is my new blog about using MissionInsite™ for community research […]

by Tom Bandy Jul 29
Using Realm With Shared Email Addresses, No Problem!

We all know technology makes our lives easier. But for some of us, it also creates new challenges we have […]

by David Sanderson Jul 29
4 Tips for Communicating to Your Parishioners

Our attention span is shorter than it’s ever been before. During this time your main form of communication with your […]

by Carol White Jul 28
Team Member Spotlight

This week we are heading to our marketing department to meet one of our Associate Product Marketing Managers, David. He […]

by Caitlyn Bullard Jul 28
Pain Points Every Church is Feeling Right Now: Groups

Paint point 4: Keeping your groups together when you’re not meeting. Chances are you have groups within your church. Whether […]

by Ally Stein Jul 27
Ways the Church Has Changed from the Coronavirus

A phrase I hear often accompanying all of these strange new terms like coronavirus, remote learning, and antibody testing, is […]

by Mark Burkhart Jul 24
3 Ways Realm eGiving Can Get You Back on Track

The past few months have certainly been unusual for the global Church. Like most church staff, you became a virtual […]

by Leigh Ann Shelley Jul 23