Using Technology to Help You Live Intentionally

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all that we must be intentional about the way we live if we want […]

by John Gilman Oct 19
Tips to Fill the Void for College-Town Churches

August marks the beginning of another school year. However, with a pandemic still raging on, many colleges and universities are […]

by Mark Burkhart Oct 16
Erase Your Worry in 5 Easy Steps!

You can see it all over social media.  You hear it in almost every conversation.  Even our children are reflecting […]

by Brian Ellerbach Oct 15
Christmas Worship Options

The Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Bandy is an internationally recognized author, consultant, and leadership coach for churches and Christian organizations […]

by Tom Bandy Oct 14
Team Member Spotlight

This week we are going to our eLearning department to introduce you to Brandon. Brandon has been on the team […]

by Caitlyn Bullard Oct 13
Church Finds A New Way For Guest Follow-Up

The leadership team at First Baptist Concord in Knoxville, TN, strives to bring their congregants together so they can reach […]

by Sonora White Oct 12
Reimagining Back to Church

While any type of large gatherings may present risk for increasing the spread of the virus, some parts of the […]

by Carol White Oct 12
You’re Back to Mass, Then Someone Becomes Ill – Then What?

After months of social distancing and watching cases fall and rise repeatedly, you finally open your parish doors. Extensive efforts […]

by Trey McDonald Oct 9
Why Aren’t Our Parishioners or Congregants Volunteering?

If the vast majority of your church isn’t volunteering regularly, it communicates something about their mindset of your church. At […]

by Paul Goldsworthy Oct 8
Top Five Ways You Destroy Your Relationships Without Knowing

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people all over the world to spend more time together than ever before. Married couples […]

by Brian Ellerbach Oct 7
Team Member Spotlight

This week we are introducing you to our Architect Lead in our R&D department, Michael. He began working at ACS […]

by Caitlyn Bullard Oct 6
Reimagining Volunteer Scheduling Simplified With Realm

How many times have you sent out your monthly volunteer schedule for lectors, ushers, nursery helpers, etc. only to have […]

by John Gilman Oct 5