Influencing Ministry Software By Becoming a CAT…

Hi. I’m Kristen and I’m a UX Designer. Typically when I tell people my job title, they look at me […]

by Rachel Ankers Jul 8
Ministry Impact Story: Downtown Presbyterian, Nashville, TN

  Historic Church, Contemporary Ministry  Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN, is anything but typical. The congregation gathers each week […]

by Meredith Morris Jun 25
5 Words of Wisdom to Ministers on Father’s Day

The month of June is exciting for most families because it represents for many the end of school, summer break, […]

by John Gilman Jun 13
Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 4

Part Four: The Cloud and Involvement I know a church elder whose impressions of social media were forever ruined when his […]

by Mark Thompson Jun 13
Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 3

Part Three: The Cloud and Mobility Do you want a 24/7 church? That’s not a rhetorical question; it’s a stewardship […]

by Mark Thompson Jun 12
Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 2

Part Two: The Cloud and Security This is both a concern and an advantage with cloud computing. Read on, and […]

by Mark Thompson Jun 11
Ministry Change is like Swimming with an Alligator

Change isn’t easy, but change means you’re alive. Without change, you die. A body that isn’t changing is dead. Life […]

by John Gilman Jun 10
Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 1

Part One: Where the “Revolution” Stands Today There’s a lot of hope in cloud technology. And there’s just as much hype, […]

by Mark Thompson Jun 10
Avoiding Ministry Burnout

In today’s world, pastors are leaving the ministry at an alarming rate. The latest statistics show that 1,700 ministers are […]

by John Gilman Jun 5
Is it Time to Upgrade?

Polyester leisure suits and Ford Pintos were hip and popular back in the 1970’s. Thankfully, we have better options today! […]

by Meredith Morris May 14
An Invitation to OnDemand

Preparing Your Invitation to OnDemand In my Introduction to OnDemand, I touched on some of the major benefits that the […]

by Rachel Ankers May 13
Making the Most of Mother’s Day

God gives mothers to our churches, and we should recognize who they are and what they do. Let them know how […]

by John Gilman May 6