Swimming Out To the Deep End

In case you aren’t aware our summers down here in SC are hot, hot, hot. In the middle of July and August it’s so hot and muggy that you can break a sweat walking to the mailbox. We have days that start out with 88 degrees and by mid-afternoon the heat index can easily reach 114 degrees.

by Pam Griggs Jul 26
A Good Table

I am attending the NACBA conference this week in Orlando.  Part of being a vendor at a conference is to […]

by Marvin Owen Jul 20
Top 5 benefits of Scrum Teams

With the number of customers and products we support and the changing needs of churches in the world today, development […]

by Steve Cumbia Jul 16
Group Leaders

I’ve been interviewing people who use groups to accomplish ministry.   I asked the clients to dream, tell me what you […]

by Pam Griggs Jul 16

Next week is the National Association of Church Business Administrators (NACBA) annual conference in Orlando Florida.  I will be attending the conference […]

by Marvin Owen Jul 15
"I understand your frustration…"

There was a good story on National Public Radio (my source of daily news) about Insurance companies hiring empathy trainers to get […]

by Marvin Owen Jul 9
The Way We Communicate Has Changed

I recently took my son to the Children’s Museum in Waco, Texas, while there visiting my sister.  It is an […]

by Sally Carringer Jun 29
Conference Changes

This year we set out to make some changes to our annual convention.  First step was to change the name […]

by Marvin Owen Jun 18
Update from ACS Conference

We have completed the first three days of the 2010 Ideas to Impact Conference.  With one day left, all the […]

by Marvin Owen May 27
2010 Conference – Let's Go

It’s time to get started!  After much anticipation and waiting, the 2010 Conference is here!  We always look forward to […]

by Sally Carringer May 25
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I love the way children’s minds work.  They are open to any and all possibilities.  Anything they can imagine is […]

by Pam Griggs May 19
Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning

I stumbled onto this quote today.    HMMM,  it’s  really true.   We are such social beings.   I think this quote could […]

by Pam Griggs May 10