Future Shock

Who remembers this book released in 1970, “Future Shock” by Alvin Toffler? Really? I wasn’t even born yet! Even though […]

by Darci Shelley May 7
RDC – The Rest of the Story…

Do you remember Paul Harvey?  I can still close my eyes and think of driving in the car with my […]

by Sally Carringer May 5

The days of handwritten report cards and backpack mail have just about gone away.  Long registration lines are sure to […]

by Cal Moreau May 5
Idol Gives Back – Through Text Donations

I’ll admit it, I’m an Idol Addict.  Sure, there is the fascination of the girl next door makeovers and wondering […]

by Sally Carringer May 4
One Month until the Ideas to Impact Conference

It’s been hard for us to start calling the previously known “ACS National Convention” by its new name;  “Ideas to […]

by Marvin Owen Apr 29
Webinars – A great way to share information

I’m amazed by video web technology.  Due to it’s power, my parents who live in Texas were able to see […]

by Sally Carringer Apr 28
Remote Deposit Capture

I am a little bit of a Type A personality.  I love efficiency and organization.  It makes me happy.  I […]

by Sally Carringer Apr 20
Six Word Essay Contest

For the recent company meeting, we held a contest for our employees to set an ACS 2010 vision.  The catch […]

by Marvin Owen Mar 31
You Can Go Home Again

The phrase “church home” is often used in different communication.  I had never really thought about this, but that phrase […]

by Sally Carringer Mar 29
Extreme Convention Makeover

Do you ever watch those makeover shows on tv?  They go from the exhausted Mom who hasn’t worn anything other […]

by Sally Carringer Feb 18
To Facebook or not to Facebook…

My life has come full circle.  I hope to have many years to come, so it may happen again :), […]

by Sally Carringer Feb 11
Keyboard Productivity

Here’s a fun experiment.  First, take your mouse and place it out of reach.  Now, try to do your normal […]

by Rachel Ankers Feb 10