Time Management for Church Leaders: Administration

As if finding time for counseling, sermon preparation, reading, and “margin” weren’t enough, church leaders also have another crucial aspect […]

by John Gilman Jul 6
A Piece of the Pie: A Guide to Generous Missions Giving

As leaders in growing churches, we receive so many requests every day, requests that demand our time, our energy and, […]

by Jennifer Byrd Oct 30
4 Unsung Heroes in Every Church

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and is established as a time to honor and show our respect and gratitude for […]

by Rachel Ankers Oct 16
Budgeting Toward the Sweet Spot

It’s about that time again. Time to enter your ministry budget, get everything just right and hold your breath during […]

by James Clyburn Aug 29
Is your Church in the Cloud?

On paper, the Church is an organization. In reality, the Church is an organism. Each one is unique. Each one […]

by John Gilman Aug 21
Go Mobile with Your Ministry

Like a lot of people, I have two phones. One is for work, and the other is for me. I […]

by Meredith Morris Apr 28
4 Ways to Honor your Pastor this Fall… and Beyond

October is quickly approaching! And if you didn’t already know, October is Pastor Appreciation Month. While it certainly doesn’t rank […]

by Meredith Morris Sep 19
Stop Fighting Phone use in Youth Groups

The first cell phone was introduced to the common consumer in the early 1990’s with high cost and bulkiness mainly […]

by John Gilman Aug 12
Don’t Wait – Delegate!

You’re the pastor, the leader, the manager, or the staff member responsible for it. So, it’s on you. And be […]

by John Gilman Aug 9
8 Guidelines for Church Staff Meetings that Work

I’ve sat through a lot of church staff meetings. I’ve sat in planning meetings, prayer meetings, brainstorming meetings, reflection meetings, […]

by John Gilman Jul 19
8 Steps for Your Most Productive Summer Ever

Summer allows you to have some time for yourself, but it’s also a time for reflection about your responsibilities to […]

by Jan Jasmin Jul 14
The Top 3 Financial Reports for Churches

Managing money and understanding financial reports is an administrative responsibility that is vital to the ministry of the church. You […]

by John Gilman Jul 7