Realm Messaging and Your Church

Sometimes you need to communicate to someone in your church quickly. This may be when a meeting time has changed, […]

by Erin McManaway Sep 14
Disaster Relief: The Impact of Technology

I continue to be glued to the news overwhelmed by the devastation left in the path of recent hurricanes as […]

by Sally Carringer Sep 12
Go Mobile with Your Ministry

Like a lot of people, I have two phones. One is for work, and the other is for me. I […]

by Meredith Morris Apr 28
The Social Scene: Choosing the Best Social Media Networks for Your Church

Almost every few months, a new social networking website emerges. Long-established social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube […]

by Amy Scott-Lundy Mar 2
The Importance of Small Groups in your Ministry

Church growth strategies come and go with new trends all the time.  Today’s church culture shows that most churches have […]

by John Gilman Oct 24
Fostering the Right Kind of Communication

Reaching church members with the right message at the right time is tough, quite frankly. As our society becomes increasingly […]

by Meredith Morris Sep 29
6 Easy Steps for Visitor Follow-Up

Visitors come and visitors go, but successful churches create systems that make it easy for them to stay. Visitors come […]

by Meredith Morris Sep 23
The 3 M’s of Effective Communication

I’ve worked with a lot of leaders, and I’ve seen all of them struggle to communicate. I saw one leader […]

by John Gilman Sep 20
How to Grow with Good Group Communication

Running an effective small group ministry is a lot of work.  There are many details that are involved with keeping […]

by John Gilman Sep 14
Become an Influencer, Start a Church Blog

So, you want to have greater impact. You want to be an influencer in your community. You want to reach […]

by John Gilman Jul 16
Summer On-Air: Live-Streaming for Churches

It’s summer time and people are on the move. Families are enjoying much-deserved family vacations across the country. Individual and […]

by John Gilman Jul 11
Giving as a Conversation

There is some sort of social stigma that makes people think that talking openly about personal finances is a bit […]

by John Gilman May 30