How to talk about Stewardship with your Members

Giving is crucial to the survival and growth of any church today.  This is often not the easiest subject for […]

by Sally Carringer Nov 22
Jump-starting your Holiday Giving Season with #GivingTuesday

With the holidays on the horizon, it’s a busy season for churches. Your leadership and staff are planning for Thanksgiving, […]

by Amy Scott-Lundy Nov 3
Activities that will Energize your Congregation

You may wonder how questions about what churchgoers do when they aren’t at church fit into a survey about attitudes […]

by Jan Jasmin Aug 18
Why Online Giving isn’t just for Millennials

I can’t think of anything better than seeing young people come to Christ and find purpose in serving their church. […]

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Your Ministry’s Financial Security: It’s a Big Deal

A friend of mine, an administrative pastor of a large church told me about a time he had a group […]

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Make e-Giving Part of Your Summer Budget Plan

Some of your congregation may be temporarily drawn away from weekly services during the summer, sending your stress levels higher […]

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The Give and Take of Giving

Your members want to be generous.  But as more of their daily activities involve smartphones and the Internet, and fewer […]

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How to Pick the Right Church Giving Solution

Chances are, you’ve been involved in an online transaction within the last month. For many people, it’s probably been more […]

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Are You Making it Hard for Members to Give Back?

Gone are the traditional days of only receiving offerings through a passing of the plate during Sunday morning worship service.  […]

by John Gilman Mar 2
Six Suggestions For Preaching About Giving

The Bible talks about giving quite a bit. And the Lord knew each generation would have struggle between prioritizing the […]

by Meredith Morris Jan 1