Six Ways to Keep School Safe

“School days, school days, good old Golden Rule days.” Remember that ditty from years past? Perhaps you’re not of a […]

by Mike Faber Aug 18
Parenting Management via Your Phone – Headmaster App

My kids were playing in the backyard recently, and I was on my phone in a chair nearby. My son […]

by Sally Carringer Oct 29
An Invitation to OnDemand

Preparing Your Invitation to OnDemand In my Introduction to OnDemand, I touched on some of the major benefits that the […]

by Jason Dailey May 13
An Introduction to OnDemand

Are You Watching Technology Trends? I’ve asked around, and it seems that a lot of people receive major reports about […]

by Jason Dailey Apr 8
Are You Up-to-Date or In the Dust?

Church information management has come a long way – from paper documents in a file cabinet, to digital files in […]

by Kaitlyn Grooms Mar 11
What have you learned today?

I am consistently overwhelmed about what can be accomplished from my couch with my phone and computer.  I have trouble […]

by Sally Carringer Oct 24
5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Conference

Lesley Baker shared these great tips for getting ready for the conference last year, and they’re just as relevant now […]

by John Gilman Feb 4
A Busy Week at the 2012 Ideas to Impact Conference

Our meeting in Atlanta last week has to be the best conference ever – this year’s attendance of 850 clients was a record year. We were able to take more of our staff this year and when you include clients, staff, and exhibitors, there were 1000 people at the conference.

by Marvin Owen Jun 5
I will take a Large drink

I have a new obsession.  I’ve always been a fan of flavored soft drinks.  I know which restaurants in town […]

by Sally Carringer Feb 23
Ministry Leaders: Mac Lake on Leadership Development, part 4 | Five Non-Negotiables

We respect the real thought leaders in ministry who are doing ministry day in and day out. Because of that, […]

by Meredith Morris Jan 3
Church volunteers have needs, too!

What’s one way you set out to assure that your church volunteers are connected and satisfied so they keep coming back?

by Meredith Morris Aug 9
The City joins the ACS Technologies Team!

Some exciting news has come from our Ideas to Impact conference today in Cincinnati! Read the official press release to […]

by Meredith Morris May 11