An HTML Tweak to Boost Your SEO

Have you ever seen event details and contact information from a website display in your search engine results? With a […]

by Jason Dailey Dec 2
Tips to Enjoy the Spirit of Advent

With all the events and moving parts that go into Advent, it’s easy, as ministry schedulers, to lose the spirit […]

by Raina Hanson Nov 16
Five Ways Realm Pathways Help People Do Church Better

Realm pathways provide the framework that moves people through the processes that make both your ministry and your people stronger. Pathways are […]

by Meredith Morris Oct 13
Maintaining Community In A Digital Age

Being personally connected to your community is written into the deepest values of Christianity. Just because churches are going digital, […]

by Raina Hanson Oct 6
Using the Internet to Spread Your Church Message

For many people, church is a place of not only faith and worship, but also community. Coming together with people […]

by Rachel Ankers Sep 2
Things to Know Before Upgrading to Windows 10

Last month, Microsoft released their newest operating system, Windows 10, as a free upgrade to computers and devices using Windows […]

by Rachel Ankers Aug 12
Preparing a Solid Communication Foundation for Your Church

As a church leader, your greatest honor is being trusted with the spiritual growth of other believers. Your greatest responsibility […]

by Catherine Franklin Jul 29
Reports: Realm’s Most Amazing Tool

Why Learn Reports? I don’t have the stats to prove it readily available, but I know that when our Realm […]

by Mark Thompson Jul 20
Four Questions Religious Organizations Should Ask Before Sending Their Email Newsletter

Whenever you’re sending emails to your members, you’re fighting for attention. They’re looking at a steady stream of messages, so […]

by Meredith Morris Jul 16
Three Steps to Ministry Scheduling Success

I’ve worked in the world of ministry scheduling for churches for years now, both as a children’s ministry scheduler and […]

by Raina Hanson Jul 10
Realm Pathways: Use Automation to Keep your Ministry on Track

I thought I’d take my blog post as a chance to remind Realm users about a sometimes-forgotten feature: Pathways. At […]

by Mark Thompson Apr 22
How to Make Ministry Memorable

We know you’re doing a lot of teaching, but are your people doing a lot of learning? Do they remember […]

by John Gilman Mar 23