Easter Checklist

New Season. New Opportunity for Growth.

Easter is just around the corner. Discover how to retain the natural growth of the season.

There’s no need to wonder about the motivations of the odd attendance phenomena that the Easter season affords. Smart churches are focused on presenting the Gospel to whomever God will draw during this special season.

What you need is a plan to ensure that everyone in your area knows what you’re preparing and is compelled to come. What’s more, you’ll need a good strategy to follow up with your potential new members so nobody slips through the cracks.

We’ve created a free guide that will show you how to:

• Get an idea for a special service
• Raise funds
• Update your web presence
• Recruit and train volunteers
• Set up online technology solutions
• Plan the service
• Promote the event
• Prepare to connect
• And follow up with a mobile app

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