Group Communication

Churches need to reach people where they are, with the right message.

But people are busy. They’re online, on their phones, and always going. With all the new technology designed to keep us more connected, many meaningful messages are reduced to soundbites and white noise. Reaching people where they are, with messages they value, is possible, but not always easy.

It’s not enough to randomly call or email whoever pops into your mind, hoping they get connected. And it’s definitely not okay to treat group members like a mass audience, without any mechanism for a two-way conversation. That’s why your church needs to have a group communication process and a tool that’s easy to use for everyone to make real connections.

Our free guide will show you how, with Realm’s help, you can:

  • Keep communication personal, with messages that are meaningful to everyone
  • Reach people where they are, anytime
  • Target messages to reduce the noise and boost engagement
  • Automate the standard stuff, but also customize to fit your needs
  • Create systems to empower group communication so they can do ministry anytime
  • Foster growth in groups and in your church!

Realm lets your leaders keep resources at their fingertips, like important files for people to reference before and after ministering to others. And since Realm is totally secure, your groups have the peace of mind to share updates, prayer requests, resources, and sensitive information.

If you want to make sure your church is reaching the right people with the right message, building disciples through groups, and connecting everyone anytime, anywhere… you’ll need effective tools and a solid communication strategy. Let’s develop a plan together.

Download our free guide for group communication ideas and advice, plus how Realm gives you and your groups a secure way to share meaningful conversations, helping everyone stay connected and moving forward together.

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