Ministry Impact Story: ReNew Church, Bradley, Illinois

We are dedicated to reaching the next generation, equipping them to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ who make an eternal impact on our world. -Dan Bult, Pastor

Seventeen years ago, Pastor Dan started House of Faith Church in Illinois. This past year, he felt the Lord urge him to redefine his ministry. So, they’ve changed their church name and their focus.

When God speaks, leaders listen, and Pastor Dan listens to God. He doesn’t want anything to keep people from experiencing God’s presence or fellowshipping with His people. God challenged Pastor Dan to reach the younger generations in the church and community.

The strategy is simple: Develop spaces for relationships to emerge with unchurched young people and transition ownership of ministry to them as they connect with the church and its vision.

TrisTara Díaz is a key part of the ministry. She’s been working with Pastor Dan for a little over 5 years. Like a lot of people in growing churches, she could be called the “Assistant to Everything.” Her responsibilities revolve around database maintenance, website development, and media presentations. She gets things done, and she’s implementing their strategy to minister to millennials.

Pastor Dan wants to turn the church over to the next generation. Millennials enjoy serving, so more and more, they are serving in different areas. By providing ministry and leadership opportunities, Pastor Dan is allowing this church to be renewed. He’s developing their gifts and their sense of ownership. They will be able to carry on the work of the ministry.

Pastor Dan Bult

Pastor Dan Bult

A Cutting Edge ChMS for the Next Generation.
Churches change what they do when they change what they’re doing. TrisTara has been working on revamping the way they communicate with people. ReNew Church uses Realm because it’s all inclusive and helps them to stay connected to digitally native generations.

ReNew Church is an active church, and Realm helps make decisions by letting them track member involvement, view contribution trends, send mass emails, manage small groups…all in the cloud.  And for tech-savvy millenials, Realm allows users to update and maintain their own information.

TrisTara in her own words.

“It’s working really well. The staff at ACS Technologies have been so responsive. Realm’s price and features are amazing.” -TrisTara Diaz

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