Parish Centralizes Data to Better Track Sacraments

Based in the college town of Holland, MI, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church regularly ministers to 1500 families […]

by Rachel Ankers Dec 23
Bring Parishioners Back with Fall Events

Many churches have been faced with low attendance numbers as parishes re-open for in-person Mass. Even online attendance is waning […]

by Carol White Nov 12
Life Events Reimagined in Your Parish

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing “things have changed.” But as with most other aspects of our lives, we have […]

by Oscar Arras Oct 30
Why Aren’t Our Parishioners or Congregants Volunteering?

If the vast majority of your church isn’t volunteering regularly, it communicates something about their mindset of your church. At […]

by Paul Goldsworthy Oct 8
Dear Ministry Partner, Thank You!

Thank you for leading your parishioners with grace during a very trying year. Only God knew what would happen in […]

by Johnny Stoupenos Sep 30
Tips for the Future of Parish Communication

Staying connected with your parishioners has never been more important. Therefore, creating standards for your parish, getting people involved, and […]

by Oscar Arras Aug 25
Caring for Your Parishioners When Returning to Church

With the restrictions being lifted, parishioners will be returning to Mass and your parish. The building will still be the […]

by Oscar Arras Aug 13
4 Tips for Communicating to Your Parishioners

Our attention span is shorter than it’s ever been before. During this time your main form of communication with your […]

by Carol White Jul 28
Smartphones for Smart Parishes

Communicating with parishioners can be difficult outside of the weekly Mass. No matter the circumstances, there is a simple solution […]

by Oscar Arras Jul 17
Process Management Nightmares in Your Parish 

  Time to get organized and say goodbye to process nightmares  Pathways in Realm® lets you define and oversee the […]

by Carol White Jul 6
Church Has One Login For Many Different Ministry Needs

For years, the staff of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church was stressed having to juggle multiple accounts. Some of […]

by Sonora White Jul 3
Reaching Parishioners When They Aren’t in the Pews

Many parishes have had to scramble to set up lines of communication to parishioners over the last few months, but […]

by Carol White Jun 19