Ministry Silos and the Church That Never Existed

Let me tell you about an imaginary church and their journey in the world of information management.  Let’s be clear. […]

by Keith Hudgins May 29
The Curious Case of “Peter Walter”

Everyone loves a little mystery.  Mysteries engage the mind and encourage us to be creative.  Some mysteries, however, are more frustrating than […]

by Keith Hudgins May 9
Cultivating a Well-Rounded Ministry

Piloting a helicopter demands one’s complete attention to control the madness of the multiple parts of the machine. Pilots lean […]

by John Gilman May 4
What your ChMS Data is Telling You

The single most important resource for a church is the information it has regarding its members, guests and operations. Key […]

by Russ Fortier Nov 7
Wrangling Your Youth Budget

No matter how big (or small) your youth group’s budget, you could always use a little more. If the youth […]

by John Gilman Jun 13
Make e-Giving Part of Your Summer Budget Plan

Some of your congregation may be temporarily drawn away from weekly services during the summer, sending your stress levels higher […]

by Jan Jasmin Jun 4
Ideas to Help you Successfully Roll out Realm

Church is about what’s familiar: old friends, ancient traditions. It’s why so many of us love getting together. But, when […]

by Mark Thompson May 19
Keeping Track of Your Church Volunteers 4 Steps at a Time

In normal, every day churches, volunteers are often in and out of our lives when it comes to their service. […]

by John Gilman May 14
Staying in Sync with a Growing Church

I’ve been blessed to be a part of several growing organizations. Growth excites people, but growth hurts. It stretches people […]

by John Gilman May 10
The Church Outside Itself

Church is comprised of people; not a building or set of programs. We know this, we say this, but we […]

by John Gilman May 9
Dealing with Crazy Summer Schedules

Some aspects of parenting are more fun than others. Snuggling with clean kiddos after bath time, swinging at the park […]

by John Gilman Apr 23
Real Ministry Insights from Digging A Little Deeper

Having an in-depth understanding of your ministry numbers and metrics is key to improving the systems and processes you have […]

by John Gilman Mar 26