Telling Everyone Everything is Harming the Way You Communicate

I was recently at a church that uses an online email service to communicate with congregants. We were discussing how […]

by Keith Hudgins Jun 13
Make Your Church Website Reign Supreme

Have you ever heard the phrase “Content is King”? If so, you’ve probably dabbled in web development or Internet marketing. […]

by Kaitlyn Grooms Nov 1
Creating a Conflict-Free Climate

Anytime people gather together, there’s always a chance that conflict will happen. Christian or not, people disagree, hurt each other, […]

by Rachel Ankers Oct 6
Realm Messaging and Your Church

Sometimes you need to communicate to someone in your church quickly. This may be when a meeting time has changed, […]

by Erin McManaway Sep 14
Starting Strong in 2017

Typically, a new ministry or revamp of an existing one starts with an idea. Whether that idea is divinely inspired […]

by Jennifer Byrd Feb 13
The 3 M’s of Effective Communication

I’ve worked with a lot of leaders, and I’ve seen all of them struggle to communicate. I saw one leader […]

by John Gilman Sep 20
Church Communication: Snap to a New Generation

If you want to reach the next generation, you have to meet them where they are. And these days, they’re […]

by John Gilman Jul 25
Three Email Tips I Learned the Hard Way

I had a deadline, and I needed a response. I didn’t have time to take these email tips into consideration. […]

by Jason Dailey May 26
Ideas to Help you Successfully Roll out Realm

Church is about what’s familiar: old friends, ancient traditions. It’s why so many of us love getting together. But, when […]

by Mark Thompson May 19
Staying in Sync with a Growing Church

I’ve been blessed to be a part of several growing organizations. Growth excites people, but growth hurts. It stretches people […]

by John Gilman May 10
6 Church Communication Essentials

I remember leading a church planting team that was made up of some unlikely friends. We had a diverse team. We […]

by Meredith Morris May 3
5 Questions to Get Members to C.O.M.E. to Your Small Church Events

Just like large events, small church events also need to have a specific plan in place to be meaningful for […]

by John Gilman May 1