Keeping Your Church Small Groups Connected During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) may mean church services and small groups are canceled, but it’s during these trying times that we […]

by David Sanderson Mar 24
Using Tech to Manage Your Church Small Groups

Regardless of your denomination or church background, every church has groups within the body. Whether it be the more traditional […]

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Simple Tips to Help Your People Find the Right Small Group

With tons of small groups and even more potential participants, how do you enable people to find the right small […]

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The Saving Grace of Community

Have you ever needed to be three places at one time and then at the most inopportune time the absolute […]

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4 Ways to Overcome Small Group Obstacles this Fall

Fall is the time of year when families begin establishing new routines and schedules. As a new school year gets […]

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Small Groups: Pruning for New Growth

I recently had the opportunity to tour a botanical garden. I enjoyed the beauty of the blooming flowers but also […]

by Meredith Morris Feb 27
Finding Community in 2017

It isn’t hard to find an article or study that proves the benefits found in living in community with others. […]

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Connecting through Common Interests: Debunking Small Group Fears

Over the past 20 years, many churches have transitioned their discipleship approach from Sunday School to small groups. Many people […]

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Getting Your Small Groups Ready for Fall

The small group model in churches has really exploded in recent years and has proven itself to be very effective […]

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Don’t Put The Brakes on Summer Groups

It’s tempting to waive the white flag, to throw your hands up in surrender, to the summer slump. Many churches […]

by John Gilman May 2
What Summer Means for Small Groups

When summertime hits, people go places. Beaches, amusement parks, lakes, cabins, vacation homes; you name it, people go there. They […]

by John Gilman Apr 4
3 Tools Small Groups Leaders Need to Succeed

Small groups help churches grow because they help strangers become great friends. People stay at churches where they find friends […]

by John Gilman Mar 17