Have a Successful Outdoor Church Service in 6 Easy Steps

As states reopen post COVID-19 and churches are once again allowed to begin meeting together in larger groups for worship, […]

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7 Ways the Church Can Creatively Serve Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With so many children out of school, parents’ role in the classroom has shifted. They are now facilitators and many […]

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Your Church and the Coronavirus: Managing Remote Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How are you doing? Now that you’ve moved out of your office and set up shop at home, how are […]

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Simple Ways You Can Appreciate Your Pastor This October

How often do you say thank you to your pastor? How often is your pastor in your prayers? How often […]

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4 Ways You Can Be a Listening Leader

Some leaders are born with natural abilities, but most leaders develop over time. Leadership involves not only managing and motivating […]

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7 Things Your Team Wants You to Know

Have you ever wondered what your team wishes they could tell you, but you were too scared to ask? I […]

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Using Interns Effectively in Your Ministry

Let’s face it, no matter how talented, skilled or organized we are, we all need help to lead our people […]

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Time Management for Church Leaders – Delegate

As we have explored all the time requirements placed on church leaders through this blog series, it is obvious that […]

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Happy (Late) National Superhero Day!

In case you didn’t know, April 28th was National Superhero Day. While I’m not one to celebrate all of these […]

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#MeToo: 4 Ways Your Church Can Support the Hurting

Every day, the media is full of new reports of men in leadership roles being accused of sexual misconduct and […]

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4 Unsung Heroes in Every Church

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and is established as a time to honor and show our respect and gratitude for […]

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Taking Care of Your Staff Post-Easter

Holidays like Easter are often a time of high attendance and celebrating the decisions made for Christ during the services we worked […]

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