A Letter to our Clients: We Remain Dedicated to Serving You

Churches are just learning that an aggressive private equity investment firm has bought up yet another church management software company.  […]

by Marvin Owen Mar 18
Reaffirmations Friday – January 22

Whether you’re a church Pastor, directing a ministry, or simply a volunteer, you most likely don’t have too much time […]

by Meredith Morris Jan 22
How to: Ensure a Child’s Safety in the Case of a Lost Checkpoint Security Tag

By now, you have your Children’s Ministry parents using the ACS Checkpoint system. Parents are not losing their tags and all of […]

by John Gilman Jan 28
2 Keys to a Smooth Switch to a New Check-in System

Check-in: Before Every week, the kids ministry staff at Calvary United Methodist Church in Normal, Il., run over two hundred children […]

by John Gilman Jan 3
How to: Encourage Your Volunteers to Use Your Check-in System

Note: We respect the real leaders in ministry who are doing ministry day in and day out. Because of that, […]

by Meredith Morris Nov 20
Ideas to Impact Orlando is Coming!

I can honestly say that our 2012 conference was one of the best yet. Some said it was the best! […]

by Marvin Owen Nov 8
The 24/7 Church

“We’re a growing church, growing by leaps and bounds,” said Jay Knotts, Executive Pastor at True North. “As any church gets bigger, we always hear that you’ve got to get smaller at the same time.

by Meredith Morris Sep 26
Friends and Family

That is what effective ministry really is: seeing the goals of the Kingdom delivered in any fashion that helps the needs of others. As a result, through our knowing and understanding the needs and goals of our client churches, we truly begin to help minister to their needs, and to the needs of its people.

by Kenny Watts Sep 19
Oh To Be Consistent

Last week the PGA Championship was played in my home state of South Carolina. It was played on the beautiful […]

by Marvin Owen Aug 21
A Busy Week at the 2012 Ideas to Impact Conference

Our meeting in Atlanta last week has to be the best conference ever – this year’s attendance of 850 clients was a record year. We were able to take more of our staff this year and when you include clients, staff, and exhibitors, there were 1000 people at the conference.

by Marvin Owen Jun 5
4 Essential Keys to Working with Twentysomethings | From #Impact12 Speaker Nicole Unice

It can be daunting to open up your life and your ministry to the next generation. Just when you think you’ve figured out how to run a small group or women’s ministry or even your own meeting, this lively bunch shows up, with energy and enthusiasm, zany ideas and young skin. At times they seem like peers, other times they seem like preschoolers. Pundits say they are entitled and adolescent. Yet regardless of how you feel about the next generation, they are the church of tomorrow and they are the church of today. They are our next pastors, ministry leaders, elders, writers and communicators. Working with them is a biblical mandate, as we are called to commend the works of God to the next generation (Psalm 71:8).

by Meredith Morris Apr 2
From the desk of the World’s Greatest Dad: Where safety and fun coexist

We all agree that keeping children safe is our number one goal as parents and as children’s ministry staff members, but it’s no secret their patience sometimes runs thin while waiting in line. Savannah Christian Church uses ACS Checkpoint as their child check-in solution – but what’s really exciting about checking in at Savannah Christian Church?

by Meredith Morris Feb 22