Technology Developments to Embrace to Shape 2021 For Your Church

We are nearing the start of 2021. For most churches, it will truly be the beginning of the “new normal.” […]

by Brian Ellerbach Jan 7
Lake Forest Finds Functional Tool For Connection

With three locations in Davidson, Huntersville, and Westlake, North Carolina, Lake Forest Community Church’s mission is to love people as […]

by Rachel Ankers Dec 16
Setting Up Your Event Registration

The process of planning events is such an important aspect of any church.  Events bring your congregation together in times […]

by David Sanderson Dec 3
Small Events with Big Impact: Communicate Your Event

You’ve been working tirelessly to organize and staff your event. And finally, it’s time to let your congregation and community […]

by Leigh Ann Shelley Nov 13
Using Realm to Reach New Families in Your Church

We all know that not every student or child that attends your church is attending your student ministry or children’s […]

by David Sanderson Sep 4
Using Realm With Shared Email Addresses, No Problem!

We all know technology makes our lives easier. But for some of us, it also creates new challenges we have […]

by David Sanderson Jul 29
Smartphones for Smart Parishes

Communicating with parishioners can be difficult outside of the weekly Mass. No matter the circumstances, there is a simple solution […]

by Oscar Arras Jul 17
Operating Your Church Effectively During the New Normal

Churches across the country have relied on technology to maintain some level of normalcy as they continue to wade the […]

by David Sanderson Jun 18
Virtually Staying in Touch With New & Existing Congregants

Like most churches across the country, you’ve probably been disconnected from your congregation for what seems like an eternity.  However, […]

by David Sanderson Jun 8
Have a Gathering of More Than 3? Use Realm Groups to Get Through the New Normal

If you are a church worker, you would probably agree that keeping up with every single person in your church […]

by Kira Brown Jun 4
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Volunteers

Staying up-to-date with your key volunteers during the transition “back to normal” from COVID-19: Churches all across the world are […]

by Brian Ellerbach May 29
Contact Lists are Easier with ACS and Constant ContactⓇ

At a time when we are all learning new ways to communicate and stay connected, email has become a popular […]

by Leigh Ann Shelley May 1