7 Easy Steps to Easter Follow-Up

This Easter you will get new people. People who God is bringing to your church so they can encounter Him […]

by John Gilman Apr 11
He is Risen: 3 Impacts of Easter

Easter is here once again, and we as church leaders are inundated with egg hunts, special programming, boosted attendance, and […]

by Rachel Ankers Mar 29
10 New Ways to Observe an Old Tradition

“What are you giving up for Lent?” I dread hearing that question. Every year as so many disciplined and faithful […]

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A Very Special Season: Four Things to Focus on During Lent

Although it seems that the new year just started, we have already entered into the run up to Easter, perhaps […]

by Rachel Ankers Feb 17
Helping Small Groups Make Disciplines Stick

Many of us spend the six weeks of Lent seeking focus, renewal, practicing confession and repentance and developing new spiritual […]

by Meredith Morris Apr 27
Taking Care of Your Staff Post-Easter

Holidays like Easter are often a time of high attendance and celebrating the decisions made for Christ during the services we worked […]

by Meredith Morris Apr 18
10 Easter Celebration Do’s and Don’ts

Easter weekend is arguably the biggest worship service of the year for most churches. A considerable amount of planning should […]

by John Gilman Apr 13
5 Ways to Make Sure Your First-Time Visitor Comes Back

Easter is a time for remembering the Cross and celebrating the resurrection through cantatas, special services, children’s Easter egg hunts […]

by Meredith Morris Apr 7
10 Tips to Hosting a Terrific Easter Service

Easter is just around the corner. We want to help you get ready! Check out these 10 tips to prepare […]

by Jennifer Byrd Apr 4
Inviting Others Into Your Lent

The word Lent usually brings to mind the thought of giving something up or forfeiting something you enjoy for 40 […]

by Meredith Morris Mar 3
4 Tips to Dealing with Post-Holiday Blues

Lent, Holy Week and Easter are a time of contemplation and reflection. This season can also be used for fasting […]

by John Gilman Apr 3
Reaffirmations Friday – April 1st

Whether you’re a church Pastor, directing a ministry, or simply a volunteer, you most likely don’t have too much time […]

by John Gilman Apr 1