5 Keys to Church Engagement During the Summer

  Summer is a time of good weather, vacation, and freedom. Everyone enjoys a slower pace to life as they […]

by Scott Arvay Jun 29
5 Ways to Keep People Engaged In Your Parish

Since reopening your parish have you seen a drop in the number of people attending? If so you, are not […]

by Paul Goldsworthy Jun 11
Have a Gathering of More Than 3? Use Realm Groups to Get Through the New Normal

If you are a church worker, you would probably agree that keeping up with every single person in your church […]

by Kira Brown Jun 4
Replacing the Irreplaceable: Keeping Church Community When We Can’t Be in the Same Place

There’s truly nothing that compares to face-to-face conversations. We love to see the look on someone’s face and want to […]

by Scott Arvay Apr 20
10 Ways for Your Church to Serve the Community

As church leaders, we know the joy and satisfaction that can be found through serving others. Not only do we […]

by Drake Hoffman Mar 11
Supporting Christian Marriages in Your Church

Stable, strong families make stable, strong churches. Healthy Christian marriages make strong families.  This means that as churches we should […]

by Drake Hoffman Mar 6
Ordinary Time Doesn’t Have to Be Ordinary

The Catholic Church is known for the richness of its tradition and liturgies. Regardless of geographic location, the Church maintains […]

by Oscar Arras Jan 28
Where Do I Fit: Finding Your Place in Ministry

We see it in churches of all sizes, in all denominations, all across the nation. A small part of the […]

by Bobby Person Oct 11
Valuing Volunteers: The Key to Volunteer Retention

Many churches, missions and non-profit organizations rely on volunteers to accomplish their goals.  Volunteerism reduces payroll costs and can be […]

by Jennifer Byrd Nov 16
Millennials: 5 Things They’re Looking for in Your Church

An ongoing conversation among church leaders is how to engage the elusive millennial. This group, identified as the 80 million […]

by Jennifer Byrd Aug 23
Create Momentum During Summer Months

With summer just around the corner, your church may be wondering how you can keep the momentum going during the […]

by Wes Atkinson Jun 6
4 Keys to Engaging Millennials

Every time I get together with church leaders, the conversation turns to millennials.  Someone always asks, “What are you doing […]

by Jennifer Byrd May 26