Finding Funds for Your Ministry in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you’re a pastor, a church leader, or heading a para-church organization, we as leaders all rely on the generosity […]

by Rachel Ankers Nov 26
Give and It Will Be Given to You: Using Realm to Track Giving

Giving is a big deal for a church. Giving is not THE big deal, because we all know that is […]

by Kathy Howell May 3
Including Older Generations in the Use of New Technology

As we go into this holiday season, think about how many penny loafer-rocking attendees do you have at your church.  […]

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Find Your Match: Using a Matching Campaign to Maximize Giving

It’s nearly the end of the year, a time when thankfulness and a spirit of giving are in abundance.  Every […]

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Preparing for #GivingTuesday

I recently ran into a store to pick up something for one of my children.  As I was checking out, […]

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Be on the Lookout: What to Ask When Donating Money

As church leaders, we all want to get our churches and our congregations involved in efforts locally and globally that […]

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A Piece of the Pie: A Guide to Generous Missions Giving

As leaders in growing churches, we receive so many requests every day, requests that demand our time, our energy and, […]

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Social Media’s Impact on Fundraising in the 21st Century

Let’s face it…. We all need money to run our churches, our organizations, and our non-profit adventures.  As a result, […]

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Hurricane Harvey Assistance

Over the last couple of days, our thoughts, prayers, and conversations have been drawn over and over to all those […]

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6 Ways to Grow Giving in your Church

In the church world, the importance of giving can never be underestimated.  It is hard for a church to accomplish […]

by Jennifer Byrd May 16
3 Reasons People will Give to your Church

Fact: More people in your church want to give than are currently giving. Fact: Some people are looking for a […]

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What Role Does Data Have In The Church?

Companies like Amazon, Netflix and Capital One, among countless others, use enormous databases to tailor their products and services to […]

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