Reimagining Your Winter Festival – 5 Fun Activities!

If you’ve been thinking about canceling your church’s winter festival this year, you may not have to. It’s just a […]

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Drive-Thru: Ministering in New Ways in 2020

Many parts of the United States continue to face high numbers of COVID cases and even rising hospitalizations. This means […]

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Making Connections at Your Event

Making connections at your event is the main reason for having one. Meet people in your community to learn about […]

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Small Events with Big Impact: Staffing Your Event

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Who Do You Need On Your Church Events Team?

Events are hard work. This pandemic has made it even more difficult. You need to have the right people by […]

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Small Events with Big Impact: Organize Your Event

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Re-imagining Your Church’s Typical Fall Events

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35 Fun Activities Your Church Can Do This Summer

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Events that Fill the Building: Making the Most of Ministry Events

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What To Do When Things Don’t Go As Planned

We moved into a new house last fall.  We endured a cold and snowy winter, our first in many years, […]

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5 Questions to Get Members to C.O.M.E. to Your Small Church Events

Just like large events, small church events also need to have a specific plan in place to be meaningful for […]

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Timeline to Prepare for Vacation Bible School this Summer

Vacation Bible School is a great tool to teach kids and reach your community. Planning a successful VBS takes persistence, […]

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