Drive-Thru: Ministering in New Ways in 2020

Many parts of the United States continue to face high numbers of COVID cases and even rising hospitalizations. This means […]

by Brian Ellerbach Nov 20
Leading In a Crisis

I worry a lot about the “battle-fatigue” experienced today by so many clergy. So much conflict and so little peace, […]

by Tom Bandy Oct 21
Dear Ministry Partner, Thank You!

Thank you for leading your parishioners with grace during a very trying year. Only God knew what would happen in […]

by Johnny Stoupenos Sep 30
Back to Church With More Fall Events

With churches all over the country facing issues of whether to have a service or Mass, it’s time to look […]

by Carol White Sep 16
Using Realm to Reach New Families in Your Church

We all know that not every student or child that attends your church is attending your student ministry or children’s […]

by David Sanderson Sep 4
Back-To-School Tips for Surviving the New Normal

Many of us thought that once September rolled around we would have more certainty regarding the state of the nation […]

by Brian Ellerbach Sep 3
Has Anxiety Driven You Over the Edge?

Anxiety is on the rise with no help from the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 election, or the ongoing racial injustice […]

by Trey McDonald Sep 1
How Do We Reach the Lifestyle Segment Called Digital Dependents?

The Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Bandy is an internationally recognized author, consultant, and leadership coach for churches and Christian organizations […]

by Tom Bandy Aug 26
Tips for the Future of Parish Communication

Staying connected with your parishioners has never been more important. Therefore, creating standards for your parish, getting people involved, and […]

by Oscar Arras Aug 25
Creating Space for Multicultural Ministry

Let’s take a voyage into the concept of space and explore this biblical, statistically stringent yet relevant topic of the […]

by Brian Ellerbach Aug 24
Reimagining Successful Church Volunteer Teams

5 Elements to Having Successful Volunteer Teams Have you ever stopped and wondered why some of your volunteer programs are […]

by Carol White Aug 20
Caring for Your Parishioners When Returning to Church

With the restrictions being lifted, parishioners will be returning to Mass and your parish. The building will still be the […]

by Oscar Arras Aug 13