Help! What Can We Do to Grow Your Youth Ministry?

8 Help! What can we do to grow our youth ministry? This is my new blog about using MissionInsite™ for […]

by Tom Bandy Aug 5
What’s the Difference Between “Multi-Site” and “Fresh Expression”?

7 What’s the Difference between “Multi-Site” and “Fresh Expression”? This is my new blog about using MissionInsite™ for community research […]

by Tom Bandy Jul 29
Pain Points Every Church is Feeling Right Now: Groups

Paint point 4: Keeping your groups together when you’re not meeting. Chances are you have groups within your church. Whether […]

by Ally Stein Jul 27
Pain Points Every Church is Feeling Right Now: Personal Exhaustion

  Pain Point 3: Navigating personal exhaustion while caring for your church.  You’re exhausted. You’re drained. You need a break. […]

by Ally Stein Jul 9
A Microscope on Your Church’s Community

  MissionInsite Blog See, Know and Serve Community Research and Church Development By: Tom Bandy The Rev. Dr. Thomas G. […]

by Tom Bandy Jun 17
Every Hour Matters. What Are You Doing With Your Time?

There are 168 hours in a week and only one of those we spend at church on Sunday mornings. Church […]

by John Gilman May 27
How to Reopen Your Church Amid COVID-19

As governmental authorities issue guidance for the gradual reopening during this pandemic, there’s a lot to consider for how to […]

by Deborah Ike May 4
COVID-19: 5 Step Giving Action Plan For Your Parish

We have been scrambling these last few weeks trying to adapt to the new ‘normal’ but now is the time […]

by Oscar Arras Apr 14
Leaning In During Challenging Times

The non-profit organization I work for does excellent work in hard areas of the world.  We have excellent leadership who […]

by Jennifer Byrd Nov 27
The Power of Your Story

It is always exciting and inspiring to hear stories of someone sharing the Gospel with a neighbor, coworker, or even […]

by John Gilman Oct 23
Keys to Success in Cross-Cultural Work: Ambiguity

In this, the last post in the multi-part Keys to Success in Cross-Cultural Work series, we tackle perhaps the most […]

by John Gilman Aug 1
Building Your Ministry Team: Finding the Right Fit

I spent 20 years serving overseas in a developing country.  Arriving in country at age 24, it was there that […]

by Rachel Ankers Jul 30