8 Things Your Pastor Really Wants for Pastor Appreciation Month

In October we typically show our pastors our appreciation with gift cards and small tokens that we hope convey the […]

by Thomas Brown Sep 19
4 Things to Remember During Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. It’s the month where we pause and remember how thankful we truly are for our […]

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Simple Ways You Can Appreciate Your Pastor This October

How often do you say thank you to your pastor? How often is your pastor in your prayers? How often […]

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6 Ways to Support Your Pastor All Year Long

As Pastor Appreciation Month draws to a close, I hope we can carry some of this appreciation into the months […]

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Supporting your Pastor in Times of Turbulence

As the aircraft descended from 30,000 feet, the thick cloud cover wrapped itself around us.  The plane began to shake […]

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4 Simple Ways to Show Your Pastor Your Appreciation

Let’s face it: our pastors are very often underappreciated.  Not only do they look after the everyday operation of our […]

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The Powerful Gift of Encouragement

During the month of October, we take time to honor our pastors and the leadership in our churches. We look […]

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4 Unsung Heroes in Every Church

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and is established as a time to honor and show our respect and gratitude for […]

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Dear Pastors, Thank You

Thank you. Thank you for investing in me and so many others in ways that I will never realize. Thank […]

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Do you Appreciate your Pastor?

The life of a typical pastor is filled with busyness and many demands as the shepherd of a congregation.  A […]

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Appreciation For Your Pastor

February is the month of love traditionally on the calendar worldwide. But for the church, October is significant in showing […]

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How to Pray for your Pastor – Pastor Appreciation

The ability to pray is one of the greatest spiritual assets we possess. There are certainly many things and people […]

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