Bring Parishioners Back with Fall Events

Many churches have been faced with low attendance numbers as parishes re-open for in-person Mass. Even online attendance is waning […]

by Carol White Nov 12
Implementing Online Giving in PDS™ with Abundant

By now, like most parishes, you’ve seen a decrease in your collections due to the restrictions in place from the […]

by Leigh Ann Shelley May 8
Creating a Catholic Giving Campaign During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I heard about a giving campaign launched in the Archdiocese of Boston called “90 Days Now – For Your Parish.” […]

by Paul Goldsworthy Apr 9
A Catholic Prayer from Pope Francis During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Pope Francis’ prayer for protection from the coronavirus   O Mary, you shine continuously on our journey as a sign […]

by Oscar Arras Apr 3
Celebrating Holy Week During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dioceses around the country are faced with state and local government mandates because of the COVID-19 pandemic that are resulting […]

by Oscar Arras Apr 1
Social Distancing, Not Faith Distancing, During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wasn’t it strange this past weekend when you realized you didn’t have to get ready to go to Mass? I’m […]

by Oscar Arras Mar 30
3 Ways Catholics Can Confront the COVID-19 Pandemic

Across the globe, Catholics are confronting the new realities of life that the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing upon us. Public […]

by Paul Goldsworthy Mar 25
Volunteering and Your Catholic Parish During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Churches are one of the first places people look to for help in times of hardship. Whether you’ve been impacted […]

by Oscar Arras Mar 23
Lent Without Mass: Your Catholic Faith Journey During the COVID-19 Pandemic

What a strange time we are living in. As Lent began on Ash Wednesday, our lives were normal and we […]

by Johnny Stoupenos Mar 19
Can Technology Create Catholic Disciples?

Technology is likely the last thing most Catholics would call to mind when asked: “how do you create disciples?” We […]

by Johnny Stoupenos Jan 23
Timely Training and Resources for Attendance Promotion

As a church administrator, you probably have a daily routine and understand how to use ACS Technologies’ software to meet […]

by Rachel Ankers Jul 7
PDS Ledger/Payroll and the Affordable Care Act

Grab something to drink and take a seat, we’re going to talk about taxes. The new Affordable Care Act (ACA) […]

by Kaitlyn Grooms Dec 22