Church Has One Login For Many Different Ministry Needs

For years, the staff of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church was stressed having to juggle multiple accounts. Some of […]

by Sonora White Jul 3
Church Discovers New Way to Track Discipleship

First Baptist Church of Woodbridge has anywhere between 1,300 and 1,500 attendees on any given Sunday. With all of their […]

by Ally Stein Jun 25
Using MinsitrySmart to Expand Your Staff’s Knowledge on Realm

Whether you are new to Realm® or a seasoned user, MinistrySmart™ courses are a great tool for extending your knowledge […]

by Bobby Person Jun 24
Operating Your Church Effectively During the New Normal

Churches across the country have relied on technology to maintain some level of normalcy as they continue to wade the […]

by David Sanderson Jun 18
Virtually Staying in Touch With New & Existing Congregants

Like most churches across the country, you’ve probably been disconnected from your congregation for what seems like an eternity.  However, […]

by David Sanderson Jun 8
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Volunteers

Staying up-to-date with your key volunteers during the transition “back to normal” from COVID-19: Churches all across the world are […]

by Brian Ellerbach May 29
Simplify Your Payroll with E-Filing through Realm

Jason M. Jenison, Partner Relationship Manager, Nelco No one needs to tell you that COVID-19 has created challenges within your […]

by Jason Jenison May 26
Does Our Church Really Need Small Groups?

Creating or rebooting a small group ministry in your church may feel like a chore. You may wonder why there’s […]

by Kira Brown May 19
Operating Your Church Effectively During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced churches to operate in new ways.  Some churches are scrambling to figure out how to […]

by David Sanderson Apr 24
Hosting Your Church Service Online

  Just because your congregation can’t meet in person doesn’t mean you have to cancel your Sunday service. By leveraging […]

by Whitney Brown Apr 17
Keeping Your Church’s Children’s Ministry Engaged During COVID-19

Children are the future of your church, which is why you continue to disciple them as they grow in their […]

by Leigh Ann Shelley Apr 17
Keeping Your Church & Congregation Updated with Realm

We’ve all heard it a million times…communication is key! And now, when things are changing on a daily basis, it’s […]

by Leigh Ann Shelley Apr 16