Can Technology Create Catholic Disciples?

Technology is likely the last thing most Catholics would call to mind when asked: “how do you create disciples?” We […]

by Johnny Stoupenos Jan 23
Church Not Growing? Check Your Hospitality

Businesses are great at practicing that which we Christians should excel at: hospitality. In the business world, it’s called “customer […]

by Nolan Martin Nov 22
5 Reasons Realm Pathways is Life-Changing for Your Staff

Do you ever find yourself bogged down with so many tasks that you are often forgetting that the biggest task […]

by Nolan Martin Nov 6
How to Set Up New Volunteers For Success With Realm

In many churches, the fall usually brings new volunteers. As people settle into new schedules post-vacation they often decide to […]

by Bobby Person Sep 5
Telling Everyone Everything is Harming the Way You Communicate

I was recently at a church that uses an online email service to communicate with congregants. We were discussing how […]

by Keith Hudgins Jun 13
Ministry Silos and the Church That Never Existed

Let me tell you about an imaginary church and their journey in the world of information management.  Let’s be clear. […]

by Keith Hudgins May 29
The Curious Case of “Peter Walter”

Everyone loves a little mystery.  Mysteries engage the mind and encourage us to be creative.  Some mysteries, however, are more frustrating than […]

by Keith Hudgins May 9
Give and It Will Be Given to You: Using Realm to Track Giving

Giving is a big deal for a church. Giving is not THE big deal, because we all know that is […]

by Kathy Howell May 3
Realm Pathways: When Ministry is Stuck in Neutral

Ever feel like your ministry is stuck in neutral? You have a vision. You have a plan. The problem lies […]

by Keith Hudgins Apr 11
Spring Hills University: Building Generations for Christ

Adult learners fill the building and flow into off-campus locations for Spring Hills Baptist Church’s latest selection of educational opportunities. […]

by Kathy Howell Apr 5
Go Make Disciples: Using Realm Connect to Foster Discipleship

You have heard the phrase, “Go make disciples.” It’s kind of a big deal. Matthew records it as the last […]

by Keith Hudgins Mar 28
Making a Difference with Realm Events

A couple of weeks ago, our Young Adults sponsored a Parents Night Out. It was a blessing to our moms and […]

by Shelby Pratt Mar 21