You’re Back to Mass, Then Someone Becomes Ill – Then What?

After months of social distancing and watching cases fall and rise repeatedly, you finally open your parish doors. Extensive efforts […]

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4 Changes to Consider While Adapting to the New Normal

As we enter the new normal, what should your church services look like? Each state has certain recommendations announced through […]

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Open Your Church Doors Without Safety Concerns

As you step into this next season within the church, a season of new beginnings and refreshed relationships, we know […]

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Items to Keep Your Congregation Safe after Reopening

With states opening back up now is the time to think about how you want to reopen your church. Keeping […]

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Reopening Our Parish Doors

Many dioceses are making plans on how to reopen their parish doors now that states are loosening restrictions on public […]

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5 Ways to Safeguard Your Devices and Data at Home

The transition from working in your church to working from home has shifted quickly for many of us. In the […]

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You’re Responsible for Safety: A Guide to Better Background Checks

We live in a dangerous and uncertain world. Every day news outlets report on all the atrocities that are plaguing […]

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#MeToo: 4 Ways Your Church Can Support the Hurting

Every day, the media is full of new reports of men in leadership roles being accused of sexual misconduct and […]

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Prepping for VBS Child Security

Summer is the perfect time to grow your church’s children ministry. The classic opportunity to reach a bunch of children […]

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Scam Phone Calls? Not Today.

The Bible says “there is nothing new under the sun.” That’s also true when it comes to scammers. However they […]

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Online Security for Your Organization

It’s been a couple of years since the online use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets overtook PCs and […]

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A Church Security Plan

Churches must be safe and should have a security plan. We know God guards His church and that He is […]

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