7 Ways to Be Still When the World Says to Keep Moving

Our world is noisy. There are so many things vying for our attention and demanding our focus. So much so, […]

by Rachel Ankers Feb 6
4 Reasons Reflection is Invaluable to Church Leaders

As church leaders, we are busy.  There is never enough time in the day to get all the things done […]

by John Gilman Aug 24
Anticipating Through Prayer Instead of Our Planner

If you have ever researched purchasing a planner you would find that there are many, many choices. We all seem […]

by Marvin Owen Aug 6
Being Intentional With Our Summer Calendars

Summer brings an interruption to our regular schedules. It means a pause in many of our daily routines and an […]

by Meredith Morris Jul 10
Time Management for Church Leaders: Administration

As if finding time for counseling, sermon preparation, reading, and “margin” weren’t enough, church leaders also have another crucial aspect […]

by John Gilman Jul 6
Time Management for Church Leaders – Creating Margin

Today we begin a new series by delving into a topic that plagues us all. Whether we are leaders in […]

by John Gilman May 24
3 Ways to Choose Connections Over Your Calendar

January is a time for resolutions and reevaluating the way we spent our time, finances, and energy last year. Most […]

by Jennifer Byrd Jan 15
The Power to Say No: When Quitting is a Good Thing

The New Year is right around the corner. This is when we begin reflection and self-evaluation, which is really a […]

by Rachel Ankers Dec 29
Time Wasters: Evaluating What Needs to Change

Time wasters… our day can be full of them. You know the kinds of things you try to avoid because […]

by Jennifer Byrd Jul 25
Working Within Your Bandwidth

With 2017 rolling in, many of us are taking some time in January to evaluate the past year and changes […]

by Meredith Morris Jan 17
Can I Have a Do-Over? Redeeming Your Regrets from 2016

As 2016 wraps up, it’s hard not to glance back over my shoulder at the year without carrying regrets into […]

by Meredith Morris Jan 11
Show your Calendar Who’s Boss!

August brings the intensity of summer heat and the return to school schedules and full calendars. I enjoy looking at […]

by Jennifer Byrd Aug 29