Creating New Ways To Connect In 2021

As numbers of positive COVID-19 cases increase in many parts of the country, more people are deciding to worship at […]

by Brian Ellerbach Dec 28
Virtually Staying in Touch With New & Existing Congregants

Like most churches across the country, you’ve probably been disconnected from your congregation for what seems like an eternity.  However, […]

by David Sanderson Jun 8
Have a Gathering of More Than 3? Use Realm Groups to Get Through the New Normal

If you are a church worker, you would probably agree that keeping up with every single person in your church […]

by Kira Brown Jun 4
8 Ways Your Church Can Thrive Working Remotely in Ministry

There comes a time in the life of many churches or ministries when world events, company logistics, or personal preference […]

by David Sanderson Mar 27
Keeping Your Church Small Groups Connected During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  The coronavirus (COVID-19) may mean church services and small groups are canceled, but it’s during these trying times that […]

by Whitney Brown Mar 24
Using Tech to Manage Your Church Small Groups

Regardless of your denomination or church background, every church has groups within the body. Whether it be the more traditional […]

by David Sanderson Mar 2
Small Groups: Pruning for New Growth

I recently had the opportunity to tour a botanical garden. I enjoyed the beauty of the blooming flowers but also […]

by Meredith Morris Feb 27
First Church Sterling Heights Focuses on Building Stronger Community

We are excited for our ministry partners, First Church Sterling Heights, and how they are reaching their goals of building […]

by Jennifer Byrd Feb 23
What Role Does Data Have In The Church?

Companies like Amazon, Netflix and Capital One, among countless others, use enormous databases to tailor their products and services to […]

by Meredith Morris Jan 27
Finding Community in 2017

It isn’t hard to find an article or study that proves the benefits found in living in community with others. […]

by Meredith Morris Jan 19
The Power of Multigenerational Small Groups

The way churches do small groups is about as varied as the number of churches that use the small group […]

by Jennifer Byrd Nov 14
How to Grow with Good Group Communication

Running an effective small group ministry is a lot of work.  There are many details that are involved with keeping […]

by John Gilman Sep 14