How to Set Up New Volunteers For Success With Realm

In many churches, the fall usually brings new volunteers. As people settle into new schedules post-vacation they often decide to […]

by Bobby Person Sep 5
5 Easy Ways to Stay Connected with Volunteers All Summer

Summertime is often a slower season on the church calendar. Many churches take a break from having Sunday night and […]

by John Gilman Jun 14
Becoming a Champion for any Cause

I remember the first time I was truly invested in a cause.  I was 14 years old, and I was […]

by Jennifer Byrd Nov 19
4 Easy Steps to Recruiting Committed Volunteers

Leaders of all Christian ministries and non-profit organizations learn very quickly that there is always too much to do and […]

by John Gilman Nov 2
Equipping Your Leaders with Good Training

I have many fond memories of Sunday School as a child. Then as a teenager and young adult I transitioned […]

by John Gilman Sep 26
Finding Your Fit

The right fit.  We all desire it.  With our friends.  With our jobs.  With our clothes.  In many areas of […]

by Rachel Ankers May 17
Realm Pathways: When Ministry is Stuck in Neutral

Ever feel like your ministry is stuck in neutral? You have a vision. You have a plan. The problem lies […]

by Keith Hudgins Apr 11
Valuing Volunteers: The Key to Volunteer Retention

Many churches, missions and non-profit organizations rely on volunteers to accomplish their goals.  Volunteerism reduces payroll costs and can be […]

by Jennifer Byrd Nov 16
Keeping Track of Your Church Volunteers 4 Steps at a Time

In normal, every day churches, volunteers are often in and out of our lives when it comes to their service. […]

by John Gilman May 14
Four Background Screening Tips for the Holidays

With the holidays, and 2016, right around the corner, many organizations will be adding staff and volunteers to help with […]

by Mike Faber Dec 7
2 Keys to a Smooth Switch to a New Check-in System

Check-in: Before Every week, the kids ministry staff at Calvary United Methodist Church in Normal, Il., run over two hundred children […]

by John Gilman Jan 3
How to: Encourage Your Volunteers to Use Your Check-in System

Note: We respect the real leaders in ministry who are doing ministry day in and day out. Because of that, […]

by Meredith Morris Nov 20