Stop Fighting Phone use in Youth Groups

The first cell phone was introduced to the common consumer in the early 1990’s with high cost and bulkiness mainly […]

by Rachel Ankers Mar 14
The Value of an Inter-Generational Church

Our churches are filled with all kinds of people from every walk of life.  Young and old, God has gifted […]

by Rachel Ankers Aug 9
Pokémon GO: Drawing People to Your Steeple

It’s been a number of days since Pokémon GO has been released in the United States. Small businesses, parks, and […]

by James Clyburn Aug 2
Praying with Passion for Your Child

One of my favorite parts of parenting is our bedtime routine –  the cuddles, reading a story and prayer time. […]

by John Gilman Jun 22
How to Read God’s Word with Your Kids (and Not Lose Your Mind)

Kids’ ministry is the funnest and most rewarding ministry in the church with a great return on investment. Parents have […]

by John Gilman Jun 20
Retaining Students Beyond Graduation

A month or so ago, high schools held graduation ceremonies. Soon, the graduates in your youth group will likely head […]

by John Gilman Jun 15
Keeping Up with the Revolving Door of Youth Leaders

Let’s face the facts. Youth programs are revolving doors. Most young people stay involved for 3-5 years before aging out […]

by John Gilman Jun 14
Wrangling Your Youth Budget

No matter how big (or small) your youth group’s budget, you could always use a little more. If the youth […]

by John Gilman Jun 13
Give the Kids a Head Start

Most churches are clamoring to find out the newest exciting thing to offer the kids. After all, if the kids […]

by John Gilman Jun 6
Increasing Youth Retention and Involvement in Your Church

Families have long been the cornerstone of church congregations. Parents bring their children to church every Sunday. At a certain […]

by John Gilman Jun 1
Summer Camp Turned Strategy

Some say that summer camp is an outdated relic of a bygone era. Who has time for it? What’s the […]

by John Gilman Apr 18
Helping Parents and Kids this Summer

As school begins to wind down, children begin to get excited about summer break.  Summer through a child’s eyes is […]

by John Gilman Apr 16