Using Realm Registration Events to move forward from COVID-19

You might be wondering how you can use an online registration when all of your in-person events have been canceled. As churches begin to transition from COVID-19 back to a new “normal”, Realm® Event Registration can make this process much easier and efficient for everyone using it. Some churches across the world are already in the process of transitioning back to on-site worship services, while others are still continuing to meet weekly online. In both of these situations, you can create an event and invite people to join you. Events can be created for anything you have going on within your church from virtual meetings and gatherings to on-site activities.

Simply log in to your Realm account, select the “Event Registration” tab on the left side of your screen, and create your event. Some examples of events you might consider creating can be online registration for your virtual Zoom gatherings, VBS (virtual or on-site), men’s, women’s, children, and student gatherings (virtual or on-site). As you transition through such an uncertain time, utilizing Realm’s event registration can help you stay organized and know who you are to keep in touch with for each event.

The online event registrations allow you to communicate with each participant attending the event, send quick and easy emails, ask questions regarding each participant and their needs, collect funds for the event if needed, and provide a shareable link so anyone can register, even if they don’t attend your church.

See the picture below as an example of virtual event registration. I hope this will spark some creativity for you and the limitless things you can continue to do to reach the people in your community and beyond.

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  • Val Arbon Posted June 1, 2020 9:54 am

    It would help greatly if there were an option to make Registration Events of type Donation with a suggested donation amount and not be just a required payment amount. Then all of the registration features would be a great help in staging the event like check-in and payment tracking tied to the event.

    As it is using group events make it difficult to track donations from those that have expressed an interest in attending and who actually attend.

    • Ally Stein Posted June 1, 2020 11:28 am

      Hi Val. Thank you so much for the great suggestion. If you follow this link , you will be able to suggest this and it will go right to our team.

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