6 Easy Steps for Visitor Follow-Up

Visitors come and visitors go, but successful churches create systems that make it easy for them to stay. Visitors come […]

by Meredith Morris Sep 23
Three Twitter Mistakes that You can Avoid

Twitter is a strange type of social media. It has a strict character limit that forces you to condense your […]

by Rachel Ankers Sep 21
The 3 M’s of Effective Communication

I’ve worked with a lot of leaders, and I’ve seen all of them struggle to communicate. I saw one leader […]

by John Gilman Sep 20
4 Ways to Honor your Pastor this Fall… and Beyond

October is quickly approaching! And if you didn’t already know, October is Pastor Appreciation Month. While it certainly doesn’t rank […]

by Meredith Morris Sep 19
The Importance of Having a Discipleship Plan

Discipleship doesn’t just happen. It only occurs in churches that are intentional and have a plan to execute it properly […]

by Jennifer Byrd Sep 15
How to Grow with Good Group Communication

Running an effective small group ministry is a lot of work.  There are many details that are involved with keeping […]

by John Gilman Sep 14
Recruiting Children’s Ministry Volunteers

One distinct marker of a strong church is strong ministry volunteers. This is especially important in the children’s ministry. A […]

by Meredith Morris Sep 13
4 Essentials to Turn Attendees into Disciples

Jesus desires to build a community of people centered around Himself …not just to gather a crowd. We often miss […]

by John Gilman Sep 7
6 Things NOT to do to First-Time Visitors

Being a first-time visitor at a new church is listed up there on my least favorite experiences, along with starting […]

by Meredith Morris Sep 6
Realm Event Registration: Getting the Party Started

Bringing people together is what ministry is all about. Any church event can inspire congregants and become a place for […]

by Rachel Ankers Sep 2
Getting Your Small Groups Ready for Fall

The small group model in churches has really exploded in recent years and has proven itself to be very effective […]

by John Gilman Aug 31
Building Community with Small Groups

I sat in church next to the same couple for 6 years. I knew their names, hugged their necks, and […]

by Meredith Morris Aug 30