Are you Leading or Managing Your Church?

There’s a lot out there on church leadership and management. There’s a difference. Managers have one eye on yesterday, leaders have […]

by John Gilman Mar 5
6 Ways to Make Sure This Year Doesn’t Slip Away

Don’t let this year slip away. Each year goes faster than the last. Before we realize it, this year will […]

by John Gilman Feb 26
The Church Systems You Have to Implement Today

We love the church. We talk a lot about things that build churches. We develop software, programs, and techniques that […]

by John Gilman Feb 20
The Secret to Growing Your Church

All pastors want to see their church grow. Many are willing to try anything (sometimes to a fault) to see […]

by John Gilman Feb 18
Tips for Getting Started with Windows 8

When you upgrade your computer or laptop to WindowsⓇ 8, you will notice a lot of changes from previous versions of […]

by Rachel Ankers Feb 13
Embracing New Technology

Technology is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up with. It seems that as soon as you […]

by Rachel Ankers Feb 12
How to Make Windows 8 Feel More Like Windows 7

So you upgraded to the WindowsⓇ 8 operating system, and you want your computer or laptop to look and feel more […]

by Rachel Ankers Feb 11
Building the Dream Team

As the Winter Olympics begin this month in Sochi, we are reminded of great individual and team performances from the […]

by John Gilman Feb 6
9 Marks of Meaningful Meetings

People hate meetings. Most organizations don’t meet for fun. They make plans, wrestle with issues, and relay important information. A […]

by John Gilman Jan 28
Beyond the Church Walls: How blogging can help pastors and churches

As a pastor, your days are filled with staff meetings, hospital visits, counseling sessions, and fitting in your own quiet […]

by Amy Scott-Lundy Jan 15
Keeping Accurate Data and why it’s Important

In today’s world of technology, churches and organizations have access to many valuable tools to help them interact with their […]

by Rachel Ankers Jan 14
Momentum – Riding the Wave into 2014

Momentum – this is a word used in sporting events to describe when one team suddenly is performing better than the […]

by John Gilman Jan 9