Building Community in the 21st Century

Watch how Lutheran Church of the Ascension in Northfield, IL uses a modern ministry tool, Realm, to build meaningful community in the 21st century.

Moving From The City to Realm

Watch how The Bible Chapel in McMurray, PA emphasizes congregational care using Realm.

Serving Others and Building Relationships

Learn how Grace United Methodist Church uses Realm to serve others and build relationships in their community.



Learn from Realm users how easy, quick, and secure the check-in process is with Realm.

Member Profiles

Learn how easy it is to have your members and visitors create their profiles, keep their information up to date, and connect with others.

New Member Story

Watch how Joan, a new member in her church, uses Realm to get involved in ministry and build relationships with other members.


Create an Event

Realm makes creating events easy. Just open up Realm on your phone, select the group you want to invite, and put in the details. Then post your event and wait for the RSVP’s.

Welcome New Visitors

Watch how Realm helps new visitors, like Susan, feel welcome by placing them in an automated (but customizable) visitor process.

Realm at a (quick) Glance

Got a minute to spare? This is the perfect video to watch then. Just enough info to give you a very brief overview of Realm and the company and services that support it.